NES PC Build

I’m building a pc in an old NES case, similar to the build by LTT forum user Ungreedy, however I’m trying to keep the game cratride loader functional but as a hard drive reader (the SSD will be IN the cartridge) how ever it doesn’t appear to be much room for that. The PC is going to have a dedicate GPU (probably a 1060 mini) which would interfere with the loader if I were to keep it. Any suggestions? Should I keep the loader idea and try to squeeze the card somewhere else, or should I just scrap the idea entirely?

Is the cartridge tray going to be removable or movable?

I’d measure everything and draw a diagram then start putting things into it to see how it fits. If I had an NES sitting around it might be cool to try to open it up and poke around too.

It would all basically be stationary inside, but with the way it’s set up, it would interfere with the gpu, and if it came down to having to scrap one or the other, I’d rather have the additional power to help game (I’m wanting a somewhat portable mobile pc that also has style points.)
Upon further inspection the way the cartridge tray is set up it would also block the cpu cooler as well, if I were to keep the cartridge loader, this build will need a lot of designing to make that possible, but hey, it’d be worth it!
Link to see the inspiration for this build-