Nerdiest Place in Portland? | Guardian Games Tour

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Logan and Justin went to check out one of Portland’s nerdiest spots - Guardian Games. Guardian Games has games, miniatures, memorabilia and everything else you could possibly want filled up to the ceiling. They host numerous gaming events throughout the year where people can come and hang out, compete, and meet some people with similar interests. The people were great, the building was awesome, and we had fun being there.

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bloodly good video, more of these please!

Great Video + PLEAAAAASSSSEEE run another RPG night! Last one was SO MUCH FUN to watch!

Hi! It tells me video is private and if I try to watch it from YouTube it says video not available. I know u guys had trouble with YouTube but just to inform…

Yeah I’m in Australia, and the video-link comes up as ‘private’, too.

Logan, and Hutch might have set the video to ‘private’ for some reason, I was viewing it earlier with no problems.

Great stuff. Would like to see that megaman game. But that’s just me. Definitly more videos like this.

Black Lotus :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Talked to our network, they said that they forwarded it to YouTube but there really is nothing we can do other then re-upload the video.

So we took it down, going to re-upload today.

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I enjoyed the video. It reminded me of this huge video game store and more in London, Ontario that was run by Russians. I think the last time I checked they were out of business or at the very least moved. Anyway disappointed I couldn’t go there anymore.

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Great Video. Just moved here and wanted to get a rulebook for Shadowrun. I prolly never would of went if I hadnt seen this. Meet some cool people there and want to go back again.


Should do more of these on site visits

I would think Portland would abound with places to go and see