Nerd Culture: Cosplay / Interest In Tech Culture Brings Out The Best

It’s interesting how ‘Nerd Culture’ has become more mainstream these days, even in my era the 1970s, you were regarded as ‘odd’ if you read ‘tech-related’ magazines or books in the school library (bear in mind there wasn’t a lot of tech-books around)

I can relate to the people being interviewed in the early part of the video about being ostracized because of who you were or where your interests lay.

I love the lady being interviewed (Tinkerbell) at 7’:55" into the video, I know that story well about things not being cool.

Now companies like Apple have capitalised on the ‘Nerd Culture’ aspect (more the 'city hipster) for financial gain, but most people like myself (1970s tech-refugees) have maintained our ‘Nerd Interest’ off-an-on over the past decades.

Nerd Culture is of course a very broad palette encompassing not only Cosplay, but interests like computers, gaming, programming, photography, digital-design, electronic-repair.

A common denominator is that many of us are determined individuals who overcome social crutches like shyness to craft something out of nothing.