Need some feedback - Comparebench

Hey guys.

I’ve been working on a project aimed at helping individuals or companies put together benchmark results and comparisons from existing results of third parties. For example, lets say you have a bunch of 3DMark and Heaven benchmark results. Going through them all to put together graphs and comparisons is a tedious, time consuming task.

Essentially, with the platform I’m building, it streamlines this process. You can save existing benchmarks and come back to them to add new comparisons later on down the road.

Currently it crawls CPUZ validation pages for hardware info, Heaven benchmark export files for scores and hardware info, and accepts a simple text input for Cinebench. 3DMark support is in progress.

The stage this project is at right now is user experience. 3DMark support is, at the moment, on the backburner while I get the project more polished and easier to use. This is where you guys would hopefully come in.

If you make an account and create a benchmark result, it’ll ask for a Cinebench score (which is optional), a Unigine Heaven export file upload (also optional) and a CPUZ validation URL (which is required.) Once you have two results created, you can create a comparison of the two. Be warned: the UI of both the result and comparison pages is extremely early and is likely going to go through a number of iterations on the fly, hopefully based on your feedback.

Essentially what I’m after is for you guys to go through the project, and give thoughts/ideas as to how this system should look. What would make creating these results or comparisons easier? What would make viewing them make more sense?

The site is here: and I’ll be putting any and all updates on the twitter page:


Edit: I’ve also put up a Discord server, feel free to join and chat about this project.


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