Need some Advice for my new Gaming Rig

Hello there i m new to the forums but longtime watcher.

My old rig ( I5-4460, 16 GM RAM and R9 390 ) is starting to show its age while gaming.
i am starting to think about a new build.
this i going to be a gaming rig aimed at the upper end budget is up to 1500$/€

This is what i got so far:

this is going to be a Team RED build since i think the 3rd gen ryzen seem a great price performance offer and i got 2 freesync monitors so AMD GPU is also a must.

Where i am not so sure is what cpu exactly 3600 or 3600X the 3600X is a bit faster but has a lot higher TDP. question is if that is worth the price markup ? is there any use for the X version, better possible overclock ? i dont see the need for a ryzen 7 in my usecase.

next point is the mainboard i m kind of lost here i need 6 Sata connections for my old 3xSSD/3xHDD and want to put in a new M2 drive (thats 7 drives in total if that is a concern in chipset selection), i dont need WLAN or super fancy onboard sound. but which one to choose, chipset alone it seems to range from b350 to x570 which makes quite a dent in the budget but i am not sure what i need and what gives the best price-performance.

next up RAM i know ryzen performance scales with ram and i usually tend to have more ram than usually needed. some games i play right now already need the 16 GB i have right now so picking up 32 GB this time just seems like the thing to do. question is what kind in terms of price performance. i listed 32GB 3200 just a reference if i can save some money on the mainboard and thus get some faster ram in terms of performance and it actually helps.

for GPU right now i aim for the 5700XT unless someone can convince me to get the 5700 because the rig cant support the XT somehow.

if someone can recommend a good M2 drive would also appreciate it right now since all my other SSDs are Samsung Evos i put in the 970 pro. but i am open to suggestions.

last is the PSU i just threw something in there so far i have been quite happy with enermax question is if the 650W i to much or to much for the build.

i threw i a good air cooler since i am not fan of liquid coolers, they seem to have to many points of failure for my taste.

any help is welcome specially for mainboard choise. do i need to wait for some special new release of something ? i know custom 5700(XT) cards are out now.
if you need any more info let me know

thanks in advance.

Looks good. Throw in a 5 1/4” floppy drive and ur golden. :joystick: