Need Help Installing Graphics Card

I’m a former console player and this is my first time building a pc. I have a MSI Radeon RX570 Graphics Card and I am not sure what to plug into it for power.

The picture above is the port (to my knowledge it is called a PCI-E) on the graphics card. Not sure what I should be looking for here. I appreciate your help!

What power supply do you have? There should be a PCIe plug somewhere on most modern power supplies.

I have a Corsair CX 450 Watt Power Supply. It came with a cable labled PCIE. Also, on my motherboard there is a place to plug in a PCIE labled PCIE power. Does the cable from the power supply go to the Graphics card or the motherboard?

The motherboard usually has an 8pin connector but that’s for power, not usually PCIe. The PSU will have a motherboard power cable for that. If there is a PCIe power on the motherboard it’s only for overclocking. At any rate you have to plug power into the GPU.

Ok, Im not overclocking so this should not be an issue. Thank you for your help!

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