Need help finding the right Display and Etc

Hi all, to start I’m not sure this is being posted in the right location, so sorry if it is not. Anyway I am running into an issue with trying the right display for my combination Office Theater Gaming space. By trade I do A/V restoration work, as well as extensive gaming. Due to limited space in my Studio, I have my living working and entertainment space all in one.

So to save space I am looking for a Monitor or TV that is 4k HDR 4:4:4 Chroma 60 Hz+ spec, that for when gaming has low input latency, but also can be used as my test display for my restoration projects. I’m also looking to upgrade my three Work Displays. So any monitors that fit these specs? I use my Work/Gaming PC as a HTPC, as well as my collection of Consoles for the last 30 years and their switch boxes. Also due to the poor sound proofing in my apartment, any advice on Speakers for a sub-300 SqFt Studio and/or headphones as well as a good receiver for this mess?

I ask all this because my research is turning up little for a rounded build upgrade like this. So I have little option but to differ to help from those more knowledgeable than I. I rather use Monitors over a TV due to I not watching TV, and mostly streaming my content. Sadly I can not find Monitors that are 32" or more that fit my specs need often or at all.

Anyway sorry for this rambly mess of a question post. Still thanks for the help and time.

Thanks and Cheers