Need help choosing between Sony A7II & Fuji X-T2

Hi so I need help choosing between getting a used Sony A7II or Fuji X-T2. I like both cameras, their specs and features are both pretty good which is making it hard to choose between. I like the manual dials,style, dual SD card slots, and 4k video the X-t2 has. I also like the Sony A7II for it’s full frame sensor, options of lenses I can adapt to it, and the 5 axis in body image stabilization. My biggest problem though with the A7II is battery life and no dual SD card slot. My biggest gripe with the X-T2 is price and can only use manual focus with adapted lenses because there’s currently no AF adapters for Fuji cameras. I already have an Fuji X-E1 with an xf 16-55 lens and 2 adapted manual focus lenses. I also plan to get a battery grip with which ever one I pick. I don’t have a ton of money to spend at the moment but I’m trying to get something better then my current Fuji X-E1. I want to get the Fuji X-t2 because of what I already have and I can keep the X-E1 as back up camera in my bag. However I can’t get the X-T2 and a grip at my limit of $1150. If I get the A7II I would have to get a lens with it though. I am able to get a A7II with 28-70 lens, battery grip, 5 batteries, and dual battery charger for $1100. So do i wait and save to go with the Fuji X-T2 so I can keep using my current lenses or make the switch to the Sony A7II? I am hoping that with the Fuji X-H1 (the new Fuji flagship camera) just being released and the X-T3 supposed to be release this fall that maybe the X-T2 price will drop some. Just is the A7II good enough to pick it over the X-T2?

I’d go with the X-T2 personally and just save up for a battery grip. The controls are sublime. Having everything right there where you can see it, without having to go through menus or anything, is the best.

Both will produce great results. The most noticeable difference between the two will be user interface and user experience, and that’s why I’d go with the Fuji.

Ok so i got an offer for a fuji xt2 with grip and L bracket for $1300, is this a good offer?

Seems like a decent deal. Not a steal, but not a ripoff either. On eBay I see them going for about that much, a little bit less for just the body, some a little bit more for the body and grip.

The guy that gave me an offer hasn’t replied back today, he was supposed to send an invoice through PayPal. There is an eBay listing I’m looking at though if he doesn’t get back to me.