Need boots in China?

thought I would mention I live part time in Shanghai and part time in Shenzhen, switching every two months or so. If there is something I can do with my physical location to help the cause just holla at me.


Awesome, what do you do out there? It would be cool to have someone test products for us over there before we have to ship them all the way here.

I work in international sales. My spouse does much the same and is native Chinese.

I deal with simple electronics and hardware. Powerstrips, water kettles, and other heating implements and when I say hardware I mean nuts, bolts, screws, and similar mass produced steel stuff.

I imagine what you’re asking isnt too far a leap from my normal life

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I want China only GPUs! We can begin the GALAX/KFA2 black market, feeding exclusive cards to North America for everyone to enjoy!

Oh wait you were talking to the professionals. Nevermind.

Tek Smuggledicate


direct message me and we can chat.