Need an Arcade Front-End Merging Steam and Hyperspin

So… me and my buddy are gonna build a custom arcade-style system with a slight twist… I want it connected to the internet, powerful enough to run a current AAA title, and I want everything accessible without the use of a keyboard and mouse.

Essentially… I would like an auto-load-on-boot Arcade Steam/Hyperspin front end.

Optimally the Steam front-end would pull and update available games from the Steam app and place the logo/trailers in a Hyperspin formatted semi-circle joystick and button selectable format.

I’m not a coder, persay, but I dabble with Python, C++, and C#, used to make a living off graphic design, and currently make a living off CAD and g-code… How big of a pain in the ass would this be to code/put together?

I imagine the finished product would be super useful in the open source space regardless for anybody that emulates or build arcade systems…

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I emailed Valve about this. They have a pretty good program to OEMs who want to install Steam. Since we can’t use the free (non-commercial) cores that are bundled with Lakka on the Sen Pi, it might be nice to compile our own version of Linux with steam, a browser, and some other emulators or some bundled software. We could also just do some one click installers… but having a nice interface put together would be cool. This is really something I just want to have and would donate the profits to make it happen. Anyone want to try to put something together?

Now apparently… after I actually poked around instead of blindly asking…

Hyperspin itself is already capable or importing Steam games… all one would have to do is point the XML file to your SteamID / GameID etc… of course that’s the manual labor intensive way of going about it… I want something a typical person can walk up to and it just works.

So the quick and easy solution to my particular problem would just be writing a code string that auto-imports changes to a steam library, searches [insert game trailer depository here] for a logo/demo, then ties that into Hyperspin’s XML file as an on-launch trigger (or interval scan) via Rocket Launcher plugin… think Plex’s auto-update but for steam games within the Hyperspin front-end…

Anybody know a quicker, dirtier way?

I like the Linux bundle idea… if that road lays down gravel for paving, I’m interested.

LMK what Valve says