Need a new laptop

EDIT: I’m from Canada, so please note the exchange rate of 0.76USD to 1CAD.

Need a new laptop for work. My work is mostly developing rendering engines, so I’ll be compiling C++ and testing my rendering engine (real time GPU rendering).

Currently considering this:

I could buy it as early as tomorrow. Anyone know of a better deal or have opinions they’d like to share?

You can get more on Amazon:

You get a bigger SSD, better CPU, more ram, etc. You may have to add your own standard HDD, which isn’t too hard.

For a slightly lower price:

Similar in specs to the one from Best Buy, but you will want more ram with this one.

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Sorry, I should explicitly mention I’m from the frosty north. For reference, 1 CAD is 0.76 USD atm.

I’ll add that to the OP.

I didn’t check amazon though, so I’ll give that a look through next, thanks.

Will you be gaming as well? Also, is this out of range?

Its not out of range, but I am trying to be a bit conservative since I’ll only be using outside of the office (only a few hours a week at most). I can bump up the price, but I feel it’d need to be worth it, like a bump up to 6 cores to reduce compile times, and I don’t think I can find that for only a couple extra hundred bucks.

This is strictly a work laptop, but since I write rendering engines, games are technically played. But I don’t plan on playing other games on it. I feel a GTX 1050 could be enough since I run the engine in sub 1080p (since I need diagnostic and debug windows open), but a small bump up might be reasonable.

I’d say look at the Dell G7. Amazon seems to have it somewhat expensive but Dell’s website is amazingly cheaper. You can get it with a 1050, 1050Ti or 1060MQ; I suggest the 1050Ti or 1060MQ for it. It sadly still is probably going to run you closer to 2k CAD than it is to 1K CAD, but it’s one of the only units I’ve found that handles the 8750H. Period. (seriously there’s like two or three others and some of them require liquid metal paste). Any coupons or discounts you can find for Dell’s website will apply though, even if you manage 50% off. So probably look for those!