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NASA has something to say to everyone who thinks 2016 was a particularily horrible year


Other than reminding us of the fact that humans are mortal (yes, even famous humans) and that most people say/do dumb shit, 2016 also saw a lot of interesting stuff happen.


Since America’s NASA has been in existence there have been many flow-on effects to the ordinary consumer, and that’s a huge plus.


Not only that they are a huge stabilizing factor for the west and their allies. Because their scientific ties open up doors to diplomatic ventures otherwise closed for the west. It only takes a foot in the door, NASA happens to be one hell of a foot.


The International Space Station being an excellent example of global co-operation.


the international space station is of the bigger impacts that cross borders and social divides. Then you also have their college and university programs, some of the lenses used in big projects are made by schools here in the Netherlands using the ESA NASA joint venture programs. NASA is quite the organization with impact, and it should remain that for a long time if we can help it.


I meant this thread more as a “look, this year wasn’t all that bad” kind of thing, but I guess talking about the previous accomplishments of NASA and other space agencies is fine too (ESA, CSA, JAXA, Roscosmos, etc.).


although this year in the developments of space agencies and private enterprise on tech and even medical fields was one of the biggest most positive years to date. with more papers of functional products being published then most other years before this. so this year was awesome in the regards to human life and scientific progress!