Name that band: Band ID help (Metal Band ID help)

Just some foreword. I think it might be a good idea to have an sub-thread so we can ID some lesser-known bands when they fade into obscurity in the mind.

Anyway. Saw them but a mere week ago on a YT vid. They have some hilarious vocals. Not sure of the genre, but I believe it’s Death Metal. I keep thinking the name “Zombie” is in the title and/or “witch”. They have some odd vocals. Please help me ID this band.

Anyone know what I’m talking about?

I will be very surprised if anyone guesses the band. You’ve described like 80% of Death Metal.

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I’ve got no clue. That’s not terribly specific. You could look through your browsing history if you still have it. :new_moon_with_face:

Check your youtube watch history?

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I don’t think I was signed in during that period. :frowning:

Not much to go on, but just based on the “Zombie” and “Witch” clues…Skeletonwitch?

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Sorry I don’t have much more information. The guy had some absolutely hilarious vocals. Vocals were pretty high-pitched. Not like Cradle of Filth’s, though. The Nekrogoblin guys are very cookie-cutter sounding with their…err… cookie-monster vocals. Gave me a good laugh, though. Reminded me of GWAR.

But the performance I saw was live. With a blue tint to everything because of the lighting at the show.


And yeah, checked out skeletonwitch. I was really hoping that was it. Nope. Not from the sounds of it.

Possibly the best clue would be their vocals. Absolutely hilarious. At least… live. The guy sounds like Gollum from LotR… except on bath salts.

@Logan Oh yeah, and Logan. On WASD Episode 0018, what were you drinking? Was it black coffee or Tea?

That was coffee. As for the band, 3 Inches of Blood has some crazy vocals, but they aren’t really comedy:

Then there is Vektor. They are amazing for Thrash metal and their singer sounds like an insane pterodactyl.

Any closer


Almost forgot about 3 Inches of Blood. People thought they were a parody at first. But it’s somewhere in that Vektor range.

Ugh… I’m pissed I didn’t stay signed in while looking at random band videos.

Are you sure it was Death Metal and not Black Metal?

Something like that?

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lol. Yeah. Wasn’t Black Metal. But regardless I think Metal with some funny, high-pitched vocals is specific enough, genre aside.