My XFX GPU backplate is hot to the touch while gaming?

Okay, I just bought x2 BRAND NEW R9 390s and put them in crossfire and both my backplates on the cards are SUPER hot to the touch, while I play games but on idle is cool. Is that normal?

Link to my exact card below:

I’ve played games to the point where the backplate is warm to touch. Are you using any software to watch temps? What is the GPU reaching internally?

If they’re decent temps, then your backplate is doing part of its job.

I don’t know… what temps I should be looking for. Also, would you recommend any good programs for monitoring the GPU. All I know is it HOT very, very HOT to the touch while I play games. But surfing the web, emails, or just on plain idle it’s cool like super cold.

I don’t know if AMD/ATI has changed over the years, but those brands used to get really hot, hence why I stayed away from the cheaper price, even tho tempting when looking at performance per buck.

Yeah, I know. Sucks ass! But… it’s only while I game. My old 6950’s that I put in crossfire didn’t ever have a backplate and that was good, ran cool, quiet and perfect. But ever since I bought these two 390’s with a backplate, it has made the plate itself hot.

Well it’s normal that chips get warm while under stress, such as gaming, don’t know if they should become HOT tho… warm is normal

Did some googling on your card… its very normal that your card gets really hot… People suggest doing a fan profile. most also say as long as it doesn’t hit 90C all is good.

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Oh, that’s awesome news!
Yeah, I highly doubt it’ll get to 90c I mean, it’s starting to become winter in Australia, Melbourne,Victoria. So we should be good. Might open up the windows when I game, and let that cold down under air get to it :).

Ah the land down under… the heat also has an impact on such, where im in the cold north (Denmark) my machines get cooled by cool air, not quite the same in Australia hehe :slight_smile:

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I wouldn’t worry, this means it’s doing its job by spreading the heat away from the electronics.

As a sidenote, one thing that shouldn’t be too hot to touch is HDDs, since they shouldn’t stay over 50°C for too long and as it happens that’s around the temperature that humans can withstand on touch.

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Lol, yes. It’s hot and cold here in Melbourne Australia. Which sucks. I’d love to swap, lol. Love cold places :stuck_out_tongue:

But, thanks for the help champ, I appreciate the help, mate.

Totally Normal. Don’t even worry about it, it’s doing it’s job


I’ve always wondered if putting little heat sinks on the backplate would help somehow or nothing at all or just make it worse.

Oh, that’s awesome stuff. Good to see it’s doing it’s job then.