My Simplified Home Network: My NAS, Switches, VMs, and Software

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Here’s the gear I use:

First, the VPN I use on my PC and on the VMs (especially when I’m downloading):

Router running DDWRT:

NAS Units (you really only need one)
NAS 1: Synology 4 bay:
2.5 GB Ethernet Adapter for the Synology:
Drivers for Synology:

NAS 2: Asustor AS6604T:

Asustor 2.5 GB Switch (I have a couple of these):

TP-Link 24 port switch:
TP-Link 8 port switch:
TP-Link 5 port switch:

Tiny PC for VMs:
It’s a bit expensive, and it was sent to me for review a long while ago. I would probably just use a small dell with a 4770k for VMs if I didn’t have this.

Raspberry Pi works fine, but it’s so expensive now. You can run pihole on this instead:

As for media software, I use jellyfin and foobar. Let’s talk about it.

You can install Jellyfin right on your nas, in whatever package manager you’re using. Otherwise, you can get servers and clients here:

If you want to use jellyfin for music as well, there’s an amazing app for mobile called, finamp.

You can tell it which libraries are music/audio/audio books, etc. and it will just werk…. with most file types. I use foobar just because I have loads of video game music that uses different file formats (discussed in the video). For that, foobar and some plugins are needed.

For VGM files:


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I’m surprised they left those cables unterminated, this is how most smartpanels in newer developments are supposed to be left

Some have small patch panels but that might have been to much for the installers :upside_down_face: