My Retro PC Gaming Setup Tour

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There’s something about a space that is specifically designed for fun. This CRT has made a huge difference; it’s taken me back to a time when things were less stressful, and fun was a focus.

I’ll show you my Windows 10 gaming PC (featuring and AMD 5600X and an Nvidia 3060 Ti) and my Windows XP rig. Also… these Boston Acoustics speakers are amazing (sorry LGR, I like them more than the Rolands). Here’s a gear list:

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Lovely monitor.

I regret getting rid of my Philips 107S CRT.

That amp is exactly what I have been looking for! I didn’t see what codecs the bluetooth supports. Do you know if it supports APTX LL or HD?

I should check this more. It’s bluetooth 5.0… I don’t think it has aptx or anything, but I don’t really know what I’d do to check since I don’t use bluetooth. Is there a certain one you’re looking for?