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My recently completed X99 Build


updated the OP to include stock clock Benchmarks the crystal disk mark for the 950 that’s the 2GB result one and the raid 0 850 pro’s the one just over 1GB but it’s not a real world result as there was no data on the 850’s at the time. However the 950 pro Had Windows 10 64 bit my Antivirus program steam origin discord vent skype heaven 3dmark battlenet world of warcraft and overwatch.


When I ran my first Firestrike run with this machine I received brawn so in some way that program thinks a 6 core 12 thread processor is a bottleneck. Though it may be right as I am packing quite a bit of GPU muscle.


30k is pushing into TitanX SLI territory. It’d be doable I guess but you’d have to push your clocks above 2k. You have plenty PCIe bandwidth that’s for sure. Either way you have an insanely powerful gaming machine.


Oh man. If only I didn’t have kids I’d be rocking the sli 1080s right now.

Sweet rig though dude.


Thanks my previous rig a z97 msi stinger with wifi i7 4790 with corsair h100i liquid cooler gtx 980 ti 8 gigs of ddr 3 1600 mhz and a 1tb mechanical had its motherboard fail and I was really hoping to ride it out to kabylake on that but I had been really bothered with it’s over all limitations it being an M-itx board and all. So I wen’t ahead and got all the performance I wanted plus that super sweet super fast new usb along with wirless AC which is great 84.7MBS down on my on board wireless card yes please DDR 4 M.2 and Sata Express.


I am happy with one GTX 1080 and a 5930k, but I am really reconsidering all of that now…


Performance is pretty fantastic so far been jamming games for 6-8+ hours a day.


Well, like many friends i jumped on the X99 bandwagon back in 2014. Yeah we paid a crapload of money back then for DDR4, but the 5820k @4,5Ghz is still kicking ass. I know that feeling, your CPU just does not care, you can throw everything at it. And it still gives you a decent performance per core, IPC is still king in many areas. No reason so far to go higher. It allows me to stream 1080p 60FPS while maintaining stable FPS ingame. X99 and the pretty cheap 5820k and 6800k are huge, the performance gain over any quadcore out there is insane. Thanks Intel for supporting Enthusiasts and pushing the limits once again, even with the crazy high price for 8 and 10 cores.
We have hit the point where the CPU performance outscales the software load, giving us true multitasking. I never expected a single PC to be able to stream with h264 and still maintain max FPS ingame. And all that with a reasonable wattage and a single socket. Hopefully Zen can kickstart that for the mainstream audience, that is not willing to go all in with X99!


Yeah I love that I can play console ports regardless of how bad they are due to sheer system resources. On top of that I plan on getting 6-10 years out of this system by picking up a used 6950X off of Amazon or some other E-tailer and swapping in what ever new set of GPU’s I need when there dual 1080’s no longer cut it. It may seem like a steep initial investment but with excessive performance now and still room to improve paired with a solid reliable power supply and solid state drive and dusting it when needed you get so much more for you dollar in the long run. I’ve had other machines i7 930 (horrible) then i move to an i7 2600K (amazing) and then moved to i7 4790 (its mobo died) Now I’m here on X99 and honestly glad it happened in the overall scheme of things because when I do upgrade 10 years from now or whatever when intel is using super sweet carbon nano tubes in there chip I will Know to skip directly to whatever there prosumer chipset is and skip the BS.
The only reason my i7 930 experience was horrible was because of the motherboard I had the rampage gene micro 1366 it was notoriously faulty and I failed to compare and contrast multiple reviews from multiple sources but have since learned my lesson or so I thought… But I think it was divine intervention to get me here to X99 as my Z97 stinger micro with WiFi motherboard for my i7 4790 was beginning to frustrate me due to awfull built in wireless card and limited expansion potential had a gtx 980 ti in it which is a fantastic card but things look better in pairs and I want to get an HTC Vive and have ample performance for it. I was also suffering on a single mechanical seagate 1 TB drive.

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Hello everyone :) Introduce yourself!

Did goof on my windows installation though as I bought an OEM copy of windows and as I was connected to the internet when I used the key but didn’t make a windows account with it because I already had one I then had to re-do my installation due to some bad drivers so know I need a new windows 10 pro key. Probably pick one up off of kinguin later when I next have money to do so going to be awhile though as this build was pretty pricey but worth it have some upcoming bills and such and those are going to get paid first. I need my internet even though Comcast deserves $0. Oh and I couldn’t not be connected to the internet as it’s on the PCI-E lane’s on my board and disabling that would require me to disable one of the X4 slots and of the 2 x4 slots my motherboard has one of those was my boot drive and I’m pretty sure the m.2 takes up a whole X4 lane but I didn’t really read over the motherboard manual back to back just a couple of review vids and such on it and I was not about to take a chance at another oops even though I was 95 percent sure the M.2 take up one entire X4 slot. It also din not occur to me until later I could’ve just turned my router off during intial setup.


Picking up a Solid Plexi pannel probably in a light smoked grey to match my black cae but not be so obstructive that I can’t show off my system with it’s cool LED’s in opertation that paired with some paracord cables a 4K or better monitor a k95 rgb mechanical keyboard with cherry brown mx switches a corsair scimitar mouse a pair of audio technica’s or Grado’s an objective 2 odac and finally an HTC vive if it is still a thing/mainstream/not dying.



i am working my x99 build, i’ve just been lazy… i only need to test my nzxt usb internal expansion, and the DAC that comes with ASUS ROG RAMPAGE V EDITION 10 motherboard and do cable management…

oh one more thing… testing overlocking :slight_smile: maybe i will make a post about it, if people are interested

Setup Thread? Setup thread

For sure!


I purchased it because it has a super easy access water cooling mounts.
The only real mods I plan to do to it are swapping the perforated plexi with fan mounts to a solid piece of plexi in a nice medium smoked grey.
But I may swap all my fans that are on my case and rad to those fancy noctua ones with the copper ring on the inside of the fan case and the magnent tipped blade
to create magnetic resonance to counter some of if not all of the audible sound the fan would otherwise produce and those are pretty pricey so I may want some nice grills for those.
Also EK has this sicko modular Water cooling line that included blocks for GPU’s So I may switch my Corsair AIO out for a double rad config of those and put my cpu and gpu’s on that loop.
Also need to get custom sleeved cables luckily corsair makes them and flat black is fine with me.
I need that high bandwidth SLI bridge to. Then after all that’s done get a Platinum or higher rated PSU.


This Platform is AMAZING! After getting a bit of data on my SSD’s and them used to fetching that data paired with my dual 1080’s and that glorious turbo boosting i7 6800k on a nicely sized corsair AIO the performance is monstrous Super Sampling through Nvidia on my 2560x1080 with Ultra everything so it’s super sampling X16 filter’s with Tesselation cranked to max along with ambient occlusion and such and the only time I don’t get 144 FPS or higher is when the engine is locked or otherwise can not go that high. Can not wait for mt 4K Monitor Next month!




I just picked up a Asus 1070 myself. Such a beast. I can’t even imagine the performance you’re getting with 2 1080s. This is a 10/10 setup here sir.


Oh to have a system like that. Fantastic build you have there.


Thank’s a bunch! Other People were having performance issue’s with Dishonored 2. Not This PC! Hacking off heads working my way towards that super cynical ending on my first run through.


Thanks a bunch games have been super smooth. Looking forward to my 4K Monitor this paycheck.