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My DIY keyboard project


Won’t be done for a while. Re-wired a Velocifire tkl78 with a tinsy 2.0 flashed with easy AVR (OLKB Preonic profile)
image image


This shows how the matrix is wired to the tinsy. I had to remove the LED from the board it came on (pin D6) ., and ? keys will be moved as shown in picture for final version.


Cool little project, I like seeing ingenuity here.

Make sure you post the final results when its ready.


No way that I won’t share it all over shortly after it’s done… potentially years from now.


Finally got a switch plate lazer cut. Full size board for comparison. I think I’ll call it a 50% for obvious reasons.
The middle row and couple other holes were too small; needs hit with a file.
Apparently the lazer I used needs tuned.




PCB design under way.