My 1st build

My budget is $500 could you guys suggest a build with this budget in mind?

Well here are some vids

And a playlist of crit vids
Build a PC:

But what do you want to do with it?
Game, just watch videos and do word?
Do you want to use windows? Linux?

Not a expert, but these will be questions others will ask.

Also check out

Really good site to look at parts and builds

i well just be gaining and watching vids os windows.

Well then all the videos should be good for your needs, just know that most build that are 500 bucks and lower will not include windows in that price, which is about 100 bucks.

Not sure why the videos on this site take forever to allow you to view them, but some great info in there. I would recommend watching the 4 I have posted here.

Also pcpartpicker is the best site to plug your build into and see how much it will cost for new parts, and the best way to share build lists IMO.

Personally, I would look in your local area and not build new on your budget, but that’s up to you.

Good luck on your journey


Oh and if you go used, this guy is pretty good watch if you have not cleaned a PC before

He also does great trash builds that can give you some ideas too.

thank you. :grinning:

buy this

play games

especially if you’re in school and parents are paying, they’ll prob have an easier time buying an already assembled desktop. imo that’s an absolute steal for $400 as well as under your budget. I have an i7 6700, with a 370 and I’m satisfied. If you’re just entering into computers I think you would be too.

building is cool too no doubt but this will just get you in and you can build your dream pc when you have funds lol

thank you.