Music production pc build/setup help

Video idea for the future maybe? I want to build a new PC for music production and recording. I don’t care about gaming or video editing so I’m thinking I don’t need a graphics card. I want to spend money on parts that will be more important for my use. If I have virtual instruments, recording software and plugins all running will there be memory issues? Are there sound cards that are aimed at the professional recording industry that reduces noise? Motherboards that have been geared toward recording? Lastly how many cores do you need? What audio interfaces should be looked at that will allow me to use a mixer board and multiple inputs (mic/guitar/synths) I’m pretty sure I can keep the cost way down and still have a strong system for its use case. Any replies are appreciated and Logan, you’ve made music so you have experience with the software that I’m going to be using so maybe a video in the future?