Mouse Squeaking

I’ve had my Mionix Castor for about 6 months and the mouse wheel is squeakin like a mofo. I’ve already contacted Mionix support, but have not heard back. Is there some sort of remedy for this? I am unsure if people can regularly maintenance their mouse. Nothing came up on youtube or google so I’m trying here.
I’ve tried spitting on it and it doesn’t seem to work. :banana: Thanks for any help.

Have you tried a light spray of a silicone-based spray?

I had the same problem with my mionix naos. I put some oil on a paper clip and reached the center of the mouse wheel. I did put quite a lot until the squeaking stopped. It’s been doing well since I did it a year and a half ago.

okay, reading this, it looks like your solutions will work. I am also aware this could be a fantastic troll moment. I really don’t want to break it, but I’ll try it out.

I heard mice, what’s happening?


I know this is late, but figured it may help someone in the future.

Anyways, my mouse started squeaking the other day so I popped open the top and placed a couple drops of silicone oil (silicone grease would also work) one the posts on the sides of the wheel where they rest on little plastic stands. Did a dozen or so spins making sure the entire surface where the dowel and posts meet is covered and the squeaking is gone. Double bonus in that the scrolling is nice and crisp again, almost better than how it felt new!


It works i’m not trolling lol