Morrowind Makes a Comeback?! | ESO Announcement

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That’s right - Elder Scrolls fans will rejoice after hearing they can re-experience some of Morrowind in Elder Scrolls Online.

According to Bethesda, outside of a new location to the game, players can also expect a new player class, a PvP mode (which they’re calling Battlegrounds), a trial and much more.

I know a lot of people, including myself, were kind of discouraged with the direction of Elder Scrolls Online initially but from what I’ve heard from friends - the last few updates and additions have made the game quite enjoyable. For those playing, what do you think of this? And for those not currently playing - do you think you’ll install the game for another journey through Morrowind? Let me!

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I know ESO got a lot of hate when it first dropped. But they since have listened to their players and made the game a lot better. The game can be and single player or as multiplayer as you choose.

The DLC stuff they have added so far has been fantastic. I have high hopes for this.

Sure it’s not the morrowind remake people want. But I think morrowind shouldn’t get a remake. That game is a true gem the way it is.


Almost makes me want to try ESO.

But not a big fan of what I played on launch and from what I have seen. Maybe if it was a free trail I’d try it out.

Would rather have a proper Single player game but idk Bethesda has been super… great…?.. with their franchises of late. Would be wary of a remake at this point lol

I own ESO on Steam already, so I might as well give it a try. I did enjoy the game for what little time I played it, but as far as MMO’s go I just can’t find anything that will replace WoW, and I don’t think one zone is going to make the difference.

Still, I have very high hopes.

Eso has changed ALOT since launch. It’s pretty awesome now and with morrowind comes battlegrounds. I highly recommend the game in its current state. It’s my favorite mmo today.

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Speaking of ESO is anyone playing it on Xbox One? I now have a level 7 toon after playing it today excessively. It was loads of fun but I am hoping to group up and even get in a guild or whatever. If you can be of help let me know.

I’m a huge morrowind fan, but the reason I liked it had nothing to do with the fact it was based in Vvardenfell. I loved that game for the freedom and how much work they put into making it.

For those of you who don’t know, Zenimax was going to close Bathesda down. So Todd Howard went to them and said that if they give him the budget, he will make them one of the most amazing games they had ever seen, and they said… sure Todd, why not.

Bathesda put there heart and soul into making that game because it was there last chance to keep building games. THAT is what helped make that game so unbelievable. ESO could never deliver that same experience. Not to say it’s going to be a bad expansion, because I think alot of people will enjoy it… I just don’t like the gameplay or overall experience that ESO has to offer.

Ill probably just wait for Skywind.

This thread is really making me want to check out ESO.

It’s good but it’s no ES game. Yes same place but it’s different. Fun mmo though for a while I found.

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It does carry the same lore and allows a look at some of the locations you’ve only been able to read about. I’m not so happy with what Zenimax did for the real-time lore of the game itself but all preceding lore is correct and is fun to explore.

Sure the lore is there, which is awesome. I more so meant that if you have played Es 3-5 like myself going to play this is a large change.

All in all it is a fun mmo and I’m looking to get back to it with this new expansion.