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So I’ve been doing some pod casting recently and I have been looking to upgrade my audio. So I live in Australia and price is so messed up here. Which is better for only one microphone input. The Behringer XENYX 302USB or the 502(non-usb). I don’t mind the input to my computer. It is only pod casting and the price is about the same.

Cheers Guys.

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BEHRINGER XENYX Q802USB is pretty cheap and has a compressor. I’d look at that. The compressor will really help with pod-casting.


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IF only we had amazon in Australia.

The 302 and 502 are both about $100 Australian the 802 usb is about $180. It would we good with the extra inputs but for what i’m doing I think is it a little too expensive. Ill see if I can find it cheaper but I doubt it.

Cheers anyways.

I use that one, I have it in conjunction with my at2020, its nice

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I have that myself, and it’s great. Plenty of channels, compressor is a nice bonus, and hard to beat at that price.


I have the xeynx Q1202FX and it’s awesome!

What have you thought about it. Also how does it work with the At2020, The phantom power isn’t meant to work but I know it does.


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It’s a positive that I don’t have anything to think about it. It’s set and forget.

Umm, it just does I suppose? I never have complaints from other people on various discords and mumbles