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Mid Tower case for my next case!



I am after an upgrade to my current case as I go it on sale with a power supply, I have since upgraded my PSU from a no named 500w to a Corsair 600w 80 plus bronze. I can only spear £60 max as I am on a budget.
I was considering the NZXT S340 for £54.99



I personally love the S340 to build out of - it’s relatively small, but really great to work out of. PSU shroud, modern/minimalistic design… Hard to go wrong.


I’m a huge fan of the Cooler Master Silencio 352


I concur with Ferman, that case is pretty rad for the price.
Downside is there’s practically no room for cable management behind the motherboard tray, but hey. It’s cheap as chips, has soundproofing, an SD card reader, good dust filtration, and you can remove the drive cage completely if you’ve got no optical drive and no more than one 2.5" and one 3.5" storage drive (you can mount them up in the place of the optical drive).


I own an NZXT S340. I’d buy one again.


@Ferman @Cat, but I really want cable management, so i think I’ll get the NZXT S340.


S340 elite really gave me a nerdon. Most likely my next case unless I lose my mind and go all watercooling giant build again.


Yes, that was also an option if I can get more of an budget out there I’ll get that, because it does look nice.


I agree. Personally, I think my next case will be a quiet one. Was going to recommend Fractal Design, but I think most of their cases are in the $90-100 range.


Well my friend list them I can still spread my budget, just will take longer to buy it, I am in no rush ATM.


I’d go with the Fractal Design Define R5.