Microsoft Xbox Live password madness. How did they end up doing this?

So 2nite I went 2 play my Xbox 360 cuz well certain games only work on it and not on the Xbox One / Xbox One S & well my password for Xbox One / Xbox One S & Xbox 360 for Xbox Live wouldn’t work no matter how hard I tried & well I guess Microsoft stupidly made Xbox One and Xbox One S able to have passwords that were more than 16 characters and while that can be a good thing they didn’t inform me of this & probably nobody else of this. Heck why were they not just consistent & use 16 for the Xbox One / Xbox One S too? Btw my password was 17 characters long so I barely got screwed but I did. Anyway the good news is I was the one that figured what was wrong before Xbox Live Chat figured it out and I only spent less than 30 minutes figuring it out so I didn’t go crazy trying to figure out what was wrong.


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I just remember my last fiasco with Microsoft support - supposedly, even though I bought GTA on Steam, I never got a working key. So Steam told me to go to Microsoft support, which I did - and then Microsoft told me to go to Steam support.

It was hell. I still don’t have a working key.