Metal Bands You Wish More People Knew About


The Foreshadowing



Soen is a progressive metal group with members from the USA and Sweden. One might recognize the name of some of the current and former members: Martin Lopez (Opeth and Amon Amarth), Steve Di Giorgio (Death, Testament, and Sadus), and Joel Ekelöf (Willowtree). The band has released three albums so far, Cognitive (2012), Tellurian (2014), and Lykaia (2017). They have a definite Tool inspiration, but I would say they are more in the same genre than purely trying to copy Tool.

Sectarian from Lykaia


Where is a face-palm meme when you need it lol.

A bit Tool-esque band called Lucid Planet who have released one album

Fall Of Efrafa is a crust punk band from england active from 2005 to 2009. they have 3 full lenght albums base on the novel Watership Down from english author Richard Adams. All 3 albums names (Owlsa , Elil , Inlé) are words from the rabbit language in the novel. Their music talk pretty much about political and social ideology , veganism , animal rights , atheism and they also attack humanity destructive habits ! i know that for some people veganism and animal rights and things like that may sound …let’s say silly but trust me, this band is great.
here is my favorite song i’d say.


P.S.: It’s 14 mins long

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Sadly one album. That was it.

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Paradise Lost.

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I liked both, but the first was pretty cool.


I bought both Aura and Guardians a few months ago, fun stuff.

On an indefinite hiatus but worth the every minute.

Got any more of them Viking metals?

I’ll try to remember to make a list… That and pagan metal are my top usually.

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Some of my go to folk/ pagan/ viking metal bands.

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