Metal Bands You Wish More People Knew About

I would like to start a thread about bands you love that aren’t well known and you feel like they should be given more publicity.

Try to give a brief description of the band and genre and a sample of their music.

Enthring are a symphonic death metal band from Finland started in 2006. They currently have 1 full length album and 2 EP’s.

The Stainless Steel Round Rings sold by Absolute Industrial from £0.74 (ex. VAT)

^Metal bands!


Anciients are a progressive metal band from Vancouver, they have 2 full length albums and an EP. Their sound is like if Mastodon and Opeth made a baby.

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Northland are a folk/ melodic death metal band from Spain. They have symphonic elements and work great as a metal soundtrack to The Witcher 3 and Skyrim. They have 2 full length albums.

Parasite Inc. are one of my favorite melodic death metal bands. They are from Germany and have only 1 full length album. These guys are insane, if you like melodic death metal that will melt your face, look no further.

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Wilderun is a folk/symphonic band from Boston, having formed in 2008. Their first album, Olden Tales & Deathly Trails from 2012, is definitely folk and their second album, Sleep at the Edge of the Earth from 2015, has a progressive flair with the folk/symphonic core.

Suncatcher from Olden Tales & Deathly Trails:

The Garden of Fire from Sleep at the Edge of the Earth:

Oh, I really like these guys, thanks for sharing, going to add them to my folk metal playlist.

Anorexia Nervosa is a Black Metal (3rd wave) band from France. They have 4 full lenght albums in which they explore various themes, ranging from Violence, Sex, Depression, Remdemption, Heaven & Hell. They are inactive as from 2006, the band did put a lot of efforts in their work, especially the last 2 full lenghts but their career did not lit up. I guess they were a bit ahead of their time, as many more extreme metal or symph black came up in the last 7-8 years and they made quite the impression. The singer left the band as there was no future for anorexia nervosa at this time.

The first album is very chaotic. Be warned. In this one they talk a lot about sex and other perversions.

The second album is a lot more mature. But they explicit deep lyrics about Humans and the disgusting things it’s capable of, in french or latin chorus. It’s pretty exquisite actually. (like this one at 3min10)

The last full lenght is a story of redemption. It’s again more mature than the last one. I find this one extremely beautiful. It does not hit as hard as the other ones but the more lenghty song make for a nice ride towards the light.


Harakiri For The Sky is a Post Black Metal duo from Austria, formed in 2011. Their first album, self titled Harakiri For The Sky, was released in 2012, the second, Aokigahara, in 2014, and their latest, III: Trauma, in 2016. As the band and album names allude to, the band focuses on depressive/suicide themes. Poetic, Melodic, Dark.

Jhator from Aokigahara

Calling The Rain from III: Trauma

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I love HFTS, I have them on my atmospheric black metal playlist. They remind me a lot of Agalloch.

I just randomly found them when perusing metal on YouTube. Checked them out on Bandcamp and bought the album right then. Wilderun and Saor are my two favorite folk metal bands at the moment.

I think I found Harakiri For The Sky the same way I found Wilderun, just kinda out of the blue. I liked Aokigahara enough I bought III: Trauma on release day without even listening to it first. I wouldn’t call it my album of the year (that’s reserved for Winter’s Gate), but I’d say it was well worth the small investment.

Yeah I’ve found tons of music from YouTube and Bandcamp. I think I discovered HFTS from Metal Injection.

Challenge accepted

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Well it’s not strictly metal, but has many Metal elements and often gets grouped with metal bands. It is the Experimental band, Devil Doll.

It was created by an unknown man known as Mr. Doctor, who is the lead singer and composer for the band. They have made 5 albums in total, a 6th if you count the soundtrack album “The Sacriledge of Fatal Arms”, which is the soundtrack to an unreleased film of the same name by Mr. Doctor.

Their first album was recorded in 1987 and titled “The Mark of the Beast”. This was only pressed into 1 copy, album cover painted by Mr. Doctor, and resides in his home. Mr. Doctor said about the album: “This is a painting, not a graphic work”.

They are a very strange, Gothic sounding, group. The music is often based on old silent and impressionist films. The final released album “Dies Irae” is very epic, it even features the Slovien Symphony orchestra (not sure how they afforded it, considering they don’t get any profit from the albums). Apparently Mr. Doctor still makes Devil Doll music, but leaves them unreleased. is their website.

This thread be dead son.
###Dawn of Ashes
Started in 2001 as an Industrial / Aggrotech band. and later evolved into a Black Metal project in 2010.

###Swordmaster (Pre-Deathstars)
If you are a fan of the industrial metal band Deathstars this is for you. prior to Deathstars Whiplasher the vocalist was originally in a black metal / death metal band.


Cadaveria is an italian black metal band / shock rock band that stated when the vocalist Cadaveria left the black metal band Opera XI in 2001. after being with said group since 1991. arguably being one of the first female black metal musicians.


Arose as a supergroup with member’s of Opeth, Katatonia, Hypocrisy, Paradise Lost. Current vocalist being Nick Holmes of the legendary Paradise Lost. but It’s quality Swedish Death Metal, with an old school sound.

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Gardenian, had it not been for record companies continuously giving them the middle finger it would have been the gothenburg 4 not 3 in the days of Melodic Death Metal infancy. They were seeking a deal at roughly the same time as ATG, Dark Tranquility, and In Flames but things just didnt go their way, shit kept getting put on hold, When Nuclear blast finally took them in 96, they weren’t treated very well and their stuff wasn’t really pushed out, and they never really caught on as a result. They left Nuclear Blast in 2000 because they were fed up and as a result basically died. It’s my understanding that they are trying to get things going again but idk how well that’s going to work out.

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+1 for bloodbath

UneXpecT (Montréal, 1996–2015)

Could be accurately described as “literally insanely good”
Perhaps the best weirdest prog metal I have ever had the chance to listen to.

Also, one of the rare kinds of bands who are really better live than in studio.

Yes, that bass has way too many strings.
And no, those are not clockwork automatons.


That first video… I don’t know what the hell just happened but I like it.

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