Memory War: Single VS Dual Channel for GAMING | Does it Matter? (Youtube video)


Decided to try this with my R7 2700X with Dual 16GB Cas 14 3200 MHz and RX 580 8GB 1430Mhz core 8200Mhz memory. Only did Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood Benchmark Max settings, Full screen, 1080p.

Score: 11011
Average Frame Rate: 74.858
Total Loading time: 46.048 seconds

Score: 10917
Average Frame Rate: 74.425
Total Loading Time: 47.604 seconds

Hope this helps


Nice, I expected a bigger difference with AMD since those CPUs do care about RAM speeds a little. Hmm.

We have an APU in the office and I’ll test that out if we have enough time. I also need to see what games work well on APU.