Memory leak?

Ok for some time I have had an issue with Google Chrome eating up too much ram on my son’s pc or that is what I thought was the culprit. Now I went to my pc which has twice as much ram and I am getting the same problem. Yes I have more tabs open here right now on this pc it still seems to high when I close them down. Right now it says my ram usage is 86% with 8 tabs open and Steam opened but I am doing nothing. My son’s pc has 4 GB of DDR3 and my pc has 8 GB of DDR3. I have read up on memory leaks but I am still not sure what to do here as the software some recommended caused other issues like being banned from servers in games when running the utility. Anyway I have to ask did Google suddenly this month become an even bigger memory hog? Has anyone noticed this? Also what can I do here besides not using Google other than adding more ram?

Try disabling any extensions you have in Chrome and see what happens to your RAM usage. If RAM usage is normalized after disabling them, start enabling them one by one to see if you can find the one(s) eating your RAM.

I’d also suggest for everybody, not just those having issues, to set it so Chrome doesn’t run when it’s closed.
Settings > Advanced > System > “Continue running background apps when Google Chrome is closed”
It’s enabled by default, disabling it will make Chrome actually stop when all tabs/windows are closed.

Testing my own Chrome I’m using 3.0 GB with eleven tabs and Steam running in the background.

In regards to continuing to run background apps when Google Chrome is closed it is set in the browser to not do that. As for the other things you mentioned to do I deleted all extensions and with 6 tabs open and Steam open plus a text file open it says it is using 66 or 67% of the 4 GB of ram on my son’s pc. That sounds like quite a bit. : S

That doesn’t matter when there is a memory leak. It works like a bucket being over filled and pouring out over the sides except it happens due to dead pointers not freeing up allocated RAM. It’s like clones that die and replicate themselves in death, but the remnants remain taking up space without being recycled properly. Reboot the computer. Try adding one extension at a time until you pinpoint what is causing the problem. Remove the causes of the problem. Try Firefox if it’s still an issue. You could also max the memory out to tolerate the poorly written code better than it is now. Chrome is the worst for this since Google likes to cache a lot of their services, but it’s usually due to extensions with weak support.

I had “Use hardware acceleration when available” on. It is shut off now. Hope it makes a difference.

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