Mechanical Keyboard Thread+discussion

So what is this thread? A place to discuss mechanical keyboards you have, what you like about different kinds of mech keyboards, and so forth.

My collection of sorts so far is this:
My cheap, nice little Redgragon with Gateron Blues. Great for gaming, only minor issue i have is the caps lock is easy to accidentally press lol. Also has red LEDs which can be useful. Is also incredibly loud, and about 5g heavier than MX blues are on the switch actuation.

Old School WYSE PC-Enhanced with MX Blacks:
Really nice switches, the original MX blacks from the early 90s.Had to mod it with a Teensy to get it to work on USB but is still quite nice.

Later added custom keycaps (minus the ones that didnt fit)

Model F PC 5150:
epic switches+keyboard, the thing weighs 10 lbs or so lol. Just got the adpater to use it as a daily, that will be here at some point.

My latest addition:
A Cherry ML4100 (technically G84-4100) with Cherry ML switches. Quite decent, i’ll likely use it at work/school.

So what mechanical keyboards do you have? What switches do you like, not like, etc.? Have any cool project, or anything else, if so link/talk about them :smiley: If you have any questions on keyboard switches, I also know a lot about a lot of the major switches, and a lot about really esoteric ones too so ask away.

sorry for the bad picture quality. I use a corsair k70 with blue switches. It is great for typing, but every time I am trying to use a microphone for online gaming, they are RIDICULOUSLY loud. I now wish I had gone with Red or Brown because I mostly game rather than type. I’m considering using dampeners on this keyboard.

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Realforce RGB. Yay, Japan.

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Well I actually just made a small question page for myself following up the last Keyboard Buyer video and this actually helps a lot. Are there any decent and low price tenkeyless boards you would recommend? I’m typically looking at browns, but they don’t have to be cherry mx since i am looking for something cheaper. Any insight or ideas are greatly appreciated to help narrow down my choices.

Like the build quality, have been using for a year now, the software is easy to use (I use it offline for the most part these days, so idk how the updates are)

The overwatch integration when I was playing it was awesome, gimmicky to be sure but fun.

Got it on sale, I don’t know if I would pay full price for one, but the switches are great and if you can get it around 30 to 40% off I would say its a good buy.

Have had a Coolermaster CMStorm XT with Cherry MX Blues and have been in love with blues ever since. However, i wanted something smaller (tenkeyless) and a Logitech G410 Atlas Spectrum was on sale at a local store.

I have typed on Browns, Reds and “normal” Cherry MX-Keys (those in actual Cherry Keyboards, i think they are Silent ones?) and i have to say: I absolutely HATE Romer-G Keys. Those are probably the worst keys i have ever typed on. They feel so mushy, it actually feels worse than an old logitech membrane keyboard i’ve lying around for spare testing and experimenting.
At least the RGB lighting is kind of nice…

So what is the most affordable mechanical keyboard right now that isn’t complete ****?

Any Redragon keyboard. They are $35-60 USD and have really decent switches and lighting.

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does anybody know of a mx cherry clear keyboard under $100, I’ve been want an mx cherry green but my friend said his cousin got one and hated it because it annoyed people in calls. and I hate how soft reds and browns feel so I’d like to find a mx cherry clear keyboard under $100 and hopefully around the $50 range.

you might be able to build one for relatively cheap but thats it

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never soldered before and I’d hate to break a keyboard doing it, I saw a ten keyless for around $100 and one with the ten key for $80, yeah it’s pretty stupid that the ten keyless is more expensive

Prices for 60% kayboards are stupid too.

100 bucks and up.

There is one tho for like 80 dollars called the anne pro.

1 Like found this keyboard with diy replacable switches, and I’m wondering if I can just quick swap any keys I want.

Nope. Only that companies switches.

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Le massive bump because I just got a few new keyboards. Also this thread could be useful for people so.

A Unitek with mini Mitsumi switches:

And an Apple Extended II with Mitsumi Mechanical switches that are Alps mount. (Normally these are Alps switch keyboards but a few that are from 1989 like this one have these Mistumis)

and who knew, apple used to make actually good mechanical keyboards lol
The thing does have an insane profile though, holy crap.

Might have to go back to the Computer Recycles, as i think i saw some of them

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Can I just say: I got a Razer Blackwidow Ultimate Tournament Edition 2016 and all the videos were right. Most of them are fucking garbage. I have come across some in the wild at friends houses that were brand new and banks of keys just didn’t work but you know what? Mine has been the most stable fucking keyboard I have ever owned. Possibly ever WILL own. At least until I get my clear switches…

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Here is mine. Ozone StrikeBattle with dark clear caps lighting turned off. I have 5 types of switches in it.

  • Gateron greens for letters and numbers,
  • cherry browns for function keys (control caps alt meta, space, page up, home, arrow,…),
  • cherry blues for F1 to F12,
  • 1 cherry green for enter
  • 1 gateron green with an 80g spring (120g total) for ESC.


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