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What the hell is with all these YouTubers and Twitch streamers abusing their animals? We discuss what should be done. Also, Brain implants, AMD making a GPU comeback, anti-aging, and a bunch of pc gaming info.


AMD is ahead of Nvidia in overall GPU shipments for the first time since 2013 | PC Gamer

PCGamer’s “Best CPU for gaming 2019” article ignores Ryzen 3000 and uses benchmarks from a year ago : pcgaming

Acer announces a $14,000 gaming chair because why not | TechCrunch

Crops under solar panels can be a win-win | Ars Technica

Brain Implants Like Elon Musk’s Neuralink Could Change Humanity Forever | Inverse

Volkswagen will help turn old Beetles and microbuses electric – The Verge

These engineers and tech execs want to create a peaceful lunar settlement

Cutting-edge robots showcased at Beijing’s 2019 World Robot Conference | South China Morning Post

Tesla’s insurance program will use direct driver data where it can with permission, exec says – Electrek

Facebook to make deepfake videos with paid actors to help flag fakes – Business Insider

First hint that body’s ‘biological age’ can be reversed

T-Mobile Metro stores sell used phones as new, charge “fake taxes,” NYC says | Ars Technica

Epic Pants | PC Gaming Gear & Nerdy Apparel

Popular Streamer Tfue’s Use Of A Racial Slur Could Be His Last Strike On Twitch

YouTuber Brooke Houts Accidentally Uploads Video Abusing Her Dog

Streamer Kryptixelitetv Allegedly Strangles Dog on Twitch Playing ‘Fortnite,’ Claims He Was Helping

(13) Sky on Twitter: “@KEEMSTAR” / Twitter

(13) Logan on Twitter: “Dox this subhuman filth. NSFL” / Twitter

The Dungeons & Dragons Rick and Morty Crossover Adventure Is up for Pre-Order

The new Steam library is coming September 17, and smart collections are its best new feature | PC Gamer

Fan-made tool allows easy Steam imports for Epic, Origin, and games | PCGamesN

(645) Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Nintendo Direct 9.4.2019 – Nintendo Switch – YouTube

(645) The Outer Worlds – Come to Halcyon Trailer – YouTube

(13) Larian Studios on Twitter: “We’re elated to announce that Divinity: Original Sin 2 is available to download RIGHT NOW on Nintendo Switch, featuring cross-save progression with Steam.” / Twitter

Cyberpunk 2077 Multiplayer Is Now Confirmed to Be in Development – IGN

(13) CD PROJEKT RED on Twitter: “1/2 Until now, the only thing we said about multi was that it was in R&D. As we’re getting closer to launching ‘single player’ Cyberpunk 2077 in Apr. 2020, we’d like to confirm that multiplayer’s in the works! If you feel like lending us your skills apply:” / Twitter

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