Mastodon - Emperor of Sand [thoughts]

So, it’s pretty clear in the first few songs that this album is going to follow Mastodons later albums in the more progressive/ psychedelic style rather than the harder, sludgier style we see in earlier albums. I’m not surprised by this but am a bit disappointed. I would really like to see them return to their roots and do some heavier material but I digress.

  1. Sultans Curse - good song I like the opening riff and vocals, very trippy/ psychedelic 4/5
  2. Show Yourself - very pop-like in sound, catchy, not a bad song, but not a good one, different 3/5
  3. Precious Stones - slow, kinda boring, good riffs though 2/5
  4. Steambreather - slow, kinda boring, sounds very pop like again 2/5
  5. Roots Remain - opening was great, then the clean singing and slower pace kinda bummed me out 2/5
  6. Word to the Wise - slow as well, kinda psychedelic but not in the way I like from Mastodon 2/5
  7. Ancient Kingdom - slow, mostly clean singing, psychedelic good riffs and solos but mostly boring 2/5
  8. Clandestiny - more slow pace, cleaning singing, but still boring 2/5
  9. Andromeda - I like the riffs and solos, vocals different at the end, not sure what to make of this song 2/5
  10. Scorpion Breath - I like this one, reminds me more of older Mastodon 4/5
  11. Jaguar God - slowly gains speed and weight throughout the song but still slower and more psychedelic 3/5

Total would give album 2/5, not a fan of it really, this is the slower more psychedelic side of Mastodon. Much disappoint.

So this mastodon sucked just like it’s shark week cousin. Good to know.

checked them out on Spotify, the sound quality sounds weird, even if set to high quality

This is about a 1/5 for me. I expected something bad… but this was terrible. It’s like “progressive bad alternative”… I had this on and Justin was scratching his head wondering why I was listening to Chevelle. Mastodon is not Mastodon anymore.

Yeah, I’m pretty disappointed. But I respect that they do what they want to do rather than what people want them to do.

I’d say it’s about a 3.5 outta 5 for me. For the sound they seem to have gone for with this album I think they did well, although there are some quirks that I don’t particularly care for.

  • I strongly dislike any robot voice effects in most music. (Clandestiny)
  • The flow from track to track is a bit rough. When I listen to music I listen to albums, not tracks, so flow is important for me.
  • Some of the extra sounds/instruments are a little too prominent.

Is it bad? No. Is it the best? No. Is it good enough? For me, yes.

Having said that, my taste in music is all over the place and sometimes extremely specific, so take everything with a grain of salt.