Managing Your Personal Data

I’m a student currently on Christmas break and with my time off, I would like to organize my personal data life before school starts again. I briefly heard you mention that you’re in the process of making a video on how you currently manage your data. Being an impatient prick, I was wondering if the video will be out before the end of the week.

This is the one video I am excited to see, if it is still being worked on of course.

I remember in the Android video Justin stated he used Google to sync everything on his phone, while Logan used NextCloud and his own services. So going from that you could get NextCloud installed (on your NAS if you have one) to get a head start on the process.

Thanks Matt

I personally use Microsoft’s OneDrive and have it manually set up similar to Apple’s iCloud.

I keep a large HDD in my desktop computer for pictures, music, videos, and games. The main SSD is for Windows.

I just keep the pictures, music, and videos folders in OneDrive and target them respectively in Windows 10 as the Pictures, Music, and Videos folders (changed in properties > location > move).

This keeps my media synchronized to online storage and stored on the more reliable HDD which makes re-installations of Windows a lot easier – just need to re-target those folders and re-synchronize with OneDrive.

The cost is $2 per month for 50GB from Microsoft. It’s worth it for someone like me who is only backing up some USB drives and my purchased media.

I think I remember Logan briefly mentioning some type of open-source style OS to run a personal media server and doing something with Android device synchronization…?

For music to Android devices, I use a $10 Android app called iSyncr which works with iTunes (easy to make playlists). The ONLY minor drawback I find is needing to export and re-create all of my playlists between re-installations of Windows. I also need to delete everything and synchronize from scratch whenever I make changes to the playlists (ensures no errors).

I would be interested in a possible solution which could make all of that easier WITHOUT having to buy a shitty Apple computer and Apple phone.


RIP, Steve Jobs.

Also OneDrive you get 1TB of storage if you buy Office 365 Personal or Home. So you get 1TB of storage online plus the newest version of Microsoft Office for PC, Mac, Tablet, and Phone. Of course you don’t have to update, I still use Office 2013 from when I first bought Office 365.

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