Make YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc. Dark - Style Websites With Stylish

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I am frequently asked, “How did you make your YouTube and Twitter dark?” So, this article will serve as a placeholder. I’ll send people here when they ask about styles and I will use it myself when I refresh my PC or work with a new PC. That’s all this article is.

First, let’s get the Stylish Chrome extension installed:
Stylish - Chrome Web Store

Style Google

Want to make Google Dark? Here is the one I use, but there are others:
![](upload://q2fs55DRHLXPlhiLGSQI3P7Brzp.png) Dark Fusion - Google - Themes and Skins for Google -

I like this theme because it allows you to use your own background. By default the text area has a transparent background, so select something that isn't busy or it will be very difficult to see the text. I decided to use Shodan as my background... it somehow fits. Here is the image I am using: Shodan from System Shock

Style Twitter

There are several dark themes for Twitter. You can use just about any of them. Here is mine:
![](upload://q2fs55DRHLXPlhiLGSQI3P7Brzp.png)Twitter - Dark n Simple - Themes and Skins for Twitter\ -
Many of the dark Twitter styles or themes seem to make the @ tags unreadable. They become black or gray and do not stand out. So, I add an overwrite theme to fix this for now. It will work on most dark Twitter themes:
![](upload://q2fs55DRHLXPlhiLGSQI3P7Brzp.png) Overwrite Twitter Theme Color - Themes and Skins for Twitter -

Style Facebook

Lastly, let's make Facebook dark. I don't really go on Facebook except to update our page. However, being greeted with a white screen along with all the mindlessness on the wall is just too much to handle. This theme will darken it up for you:
![](upload://q2fs55DRHLXPlhiLGSQI3P7Brzp.png) Dusky Gray Facebook [Dark Theme] - Themes and Skins for Facebook -

There are plenty of themes out there for various websites. I also use one for Reddit. Which ones do you prefer? Let me know what you would add to the list.


Been having dark themes for a while, have some more darkness

Style bot is pretty good too, it’s really easy to create your own styles as well.

I’ll take the dark gog. Thank you very much!


Thanks for the links to the ‘Dark Themes’ Logan :slight_smile:

Awesome! Thanks Logan.