Looking forward to this game - Escape From Tarkov Gameplay

Here is some gameplay of the upcoming Escape From Tarkov

Looks promising to me

I’ve been looking forward to this but these survival FPS games have gotten me burned from every really taking early access games seriously again… The gameplay we’re seeing is atleast promising on its own but I still am going to remain reserved until we get closer to launch.

Yeah, thats what I will do as well. I just like the amount of customisation.

I think it was DayZ (standalone) that was really bad, after so much marketing. The mod version (based on ARMA 2) was fine though.

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The game looks promising, but it needs players.
If this game finally gets released to the public, there has to be a big active community playing it.
If not, then it’s going to die just like any other early access online game.

Considering its price point, I think its under 30 dollars for early access, I think thats not an issue. And its getting a lot of marketing on YT at the moment, too. I think it will take like 3 more months or so for the final release.

Do they plan on adding modded maps? It would be awesome if someone added a mod map in the style of Metro, with monsters and everything. I didn’t follow this game too closely, do I don’t know what they have planned for the future. Mods would keep this game alive and give it a popularity boost.

I really don’t know. But it very well could be, as there is no big company like EA or Ubisoft behind this game.

If you like modded shooters, check out Insurgency and the Day Of Infamy standalone mod.