Looking for Gothic metal, found Neue Deutsche Härte? Need more

I’m always on the lookout for gothic metal, and in one of my escapades I ran into L’ame Immortelle, which is pretty interesting:

There was something about it that kept me coming back - the best way I can describe it was how the harshness of the language contrasts with the instrumentals. In another, I found another seemingly unrelated song, but there was something about it that kept me coming back.

Best I can gather, both bands have been described as NDH, (“Neue Deutsche Härte”) or New German Hardness. I was wondering if anyone had other suggestions for bands that have this NDH element as well as a dark/doom/goth element as well.

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I’ve heard Oomph! a few times… they sound somewhat similar to me, but it’s not exactly my mug of beer so I can’t be totally sure if you’d like this.

I do like the darker tones. Do you like heavier music in this style?

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I have difficulty describing what exactly I’m looking for because I’m not exactly intimately familiar with the sub-genres are and what exactly defines them - I’m not even entirely sure if it’s even NDH I’m necessarily looking for. But it is interesting and I like it. Thanks.

I decided to throw myself to the mercy of YouTube’s “mix” and a discovered a couple bands that are more darkwave and goth, but just so happen to be German and are in tune with what I’m looking for. I’ve like what I’ve heard Blutengel, I searched more into Erdling and like that, Lord of the Lost would be the exact sound could I actually find a song in German by them, and I’m in the process of checking out Meinhard as well as Eisbrecher, both of which seem super promising.

Here is what I’ve like so far:


(Blutengel & Meinhard)

(“Blood for Blood” Lord of the Lost)

(Erdling’s cover, “Blut für Blut”)

Is something like this what you’re looking for? Not exactly Gothic, but from some of the stuff you linked you might like it…

If you don’t mind some harsher vocals at times, these guys put out consistently good Gothic metal…

Neu Deutsche Harte is basically Industrial Metal. to us we think of Rammstein as Industrial metal here in the US but in Germany they are the biggest Neue Deutsche Harte band of all time.

I never got into Rammstein - they were too popular in my circles during my rebellious/outcast phase. It was just yesterday it dawned on me that Rammstein might’ve been what I was looking for. Any chance you recommend an album? Or a song? I know I could probably pick something at random and come across a decent Rammstein song, but I prefer recommendations.

Fuck dude I could go on for a while on good songs they’ve done. Most of these are classic Rammstein songs.

Stripped (Depeche Mode Cover)

Mann Gegan Mann

Ich Will

Mein Teil

And their biggest song of all time. Du Hast.

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This song was actually quite popular in the German radio charts, haven’t heard it in a while, its pretty well made!

None of these I particularly liked. I suppose Ich Will was my least least-favorite. However I’ve been checking out more of their music and I’m absolutely obsessed with Sonne.

I’ve also like Engel

And Mein Herz Brennt

Geeez, another thread where I get reminded of what I haven’t listened to in forever so I spend hours trying to piece everything back together.

If any of these don’t fit the genre just let me know and I’ll remove them. I’m not good with genres. I just picked stuff that looked/sounded gothic-y to me.

@jerm1027 Blutengel! I had completely forgotten about them. Thank you.

Here are my offerings:


Nightwish - These are of their old singer. Their new one can sing but sounds a little too pop-y to me.

Kamelot - my favorite band to sing along to. These are also when they had their old singer. Their new one is actually very close, but his voice is a little cleaner so it just doesn't sound right in my opinion. Also a lot of fun to sing along to.



The 69 Eyes - more like gothic rock n roll, but close enough. When I was in high school I wanted hair like their drummer, but it was way out of dress code.

Type O Negative

Also might be worth checking out the songs Korn did for Queen of the Damned. Korn isn’t gothic metal in general, but their songs from the soundtrack had more of that vibe.

And there’s one other band that is kind of fading in and out, but can’t remember.

I’m not really digging them - on paper it sounds like exactly what I’m looking for, but it’s not clicking for me.

A fan of Tarja? I’m somewhat familiar with Nightwish, and I like a few of their songs, but I think recently I just aquired a symphonic metal fatigue (might be why I’m not vibing with Lacrimosa). Personally, I preferred Annette as she sang with a bit more energy. And I haven’t heard enough with Floor Jansen, but I was a fan of her band After Forever way back. On a related note, I actually really Tarja’s solo effort, particularly: https://youtu.be/5pzXtzaFQ2I
In a similar fashion, Dark Sarah is pretty awesome

I never looked into Kamelot because they were categorized as power metal, and I have difficult time taking power metal seriously - too cliched and cheesy. However, they seem to be doing enough different that it’s piquing my interest. I look up more.

Haven’t heard of them before. Reminds of darker, more industrial version of The 69 Eyes. I think I’m okay with this. Speaking of which…

I’m somewhat familiar with them. I’ve only liked a couple of their songs so far - they’re a band I definitely would’ve been more into in high school.

I love Type O Negative! I recently binged on the song Christian Woman. Something about their sound invokes 90’s nostalgia. I wish I got the chance to see them live.

I can see where you were going with that. I’ll check it out.

So in case someone stumbles unto this thread looking for the same thing, here are a couple more bands that I’ve been digging:

ASP: https://youtu.be/zJWwQ1JtlA0

In Strict Confidence: https://youtu.be/p2SGSzlH2Ag

Eisbrecher: https://youtu.be/yjO1bMHbDpY

And One: https://youtu.be/gpeuV_8imdI

Schwarzer Engel: https://youtu.be/Zpf7oMnxF8I

Stahlmann: https://youtu.be/JI1NklYMsTo

Honorable mentions to:

Assemblage 23: https://youtu.be/xGGuAzHNDZA
Project Pitchfork: https://youtu.be/hCPVLjrHDTs
Blutengel: https://youtu.be/1f-BPSJjEVE
Icon of Coil: https://youtu.be/I0c8Up91ygg

These have the vocal style I was looking for, but are too electronic/synth heavy, or in English, or both.