Looking for a PC build Budget £1000

My Pc is getting old after heavy use of 5 years so I plan to build a new one.

The keyboard I will go for is Corsair K55 RGB + HARPOON RGB Keyboard & Mouse Combo
Considering NNZXT Phantom 410 Performance Mid Tower Case for PC unless you can think of better
Needs 16GB of ram
Will be doing a lot of video encoding on it and the only game I play on Pc is world of Warfraft
I do not need windows as I have it already
Needs 240+SSD

Uk based

Any suggestions, thanks

Yea so far came up with this


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Looks like a solid build, might wanna go m.2 SSD and a slightly higher wattage power supply.

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Hmm I would drop the Rx 580 to a 1050 or 1050ti since you are only playing WoW and I would spend that extra money on 32gb of ram since if you are encoding and rendering it’s far more important. As for the M.2 I would just go for a larger size SSD maybe 512gb because M.2 gives you a bit more speed but from day to day tasks you won’t notice a difference. The case right on and for your motherboard I would try something a bit less red I made a huge mistake making a red and black build myself then RGB became a thing and nothing looked right other than red lights :man_facepalming:

Why would I need 32gb of Ram when I can do the same with 16gb? I only encode to 720p H264 and I use 10gb of ram max, so why would I need over 3 times that amount?