Looking back: Tek Syndicate and Crit

Hey guys, we just got done with one of our production meeting and have been paying attention to what the community has been saying. We’ve had a lot of time to reflect and rethink what we want to do moving forward. Being that you are here, signed up on the forums - you are clearly some of the most devoted members of our audience so we want to get your feedback on a few things. We know you value transparency, and we really value your opinion. So here are some changes we are contemplating:

Making the main channel Tek Syndicate again.

Yes, we know - after all that work, we are sort of thinking of changing the main channel back to Tek Syndicate. Logan owns the rights to it, and to be honest - we could never find a name that could truly replace it. It has a bite to it that is memorable.

Keeping the focus of the main channel on computer hardware and other tech.

While we were kind of exploring the idea of game coverage (tabletop and PC games) - it was clear that the community did not like it on the channel. The problem with covering computer hardware and other tech is that Logan is just straight up sick of it. He’s been covering it for years and wants to do cover new passions he’s developed. That means that we may bring on me for the camera (personally am a gearhead/tech enthusiast) or bringing out outside talent.

Rebranding Beer Games Beer as Crit.

Crit is a really great name for what it entails, and a sweet domain to own. We want to use it somewhere.

Bringing more focus to our secondary channel - aka BGB/Crit

We want to do live streams, we want to play games, we want to have fun - but put it in a dedicated place. People made it apparent they are subbed to the main channel for tech/hardware, if they want to find fun and gaming content - they would go here.

The Forums

While we are still growing as a forum, we would want to only have one place for everything. If we move forward with the above changes, how do you think we should handle it? Maybe put it under razetheworld.com ?

Let us know what you think.

Like I said, we want to hear from you guys. Your opinion means a lot to us.



I’m beyond sick of hardware reviews. I love travel, culture, tutorials, factory tours, etc… I never wanted Tek Syndicate to be a hardware review site. We started with commentary and tutorials and I was much happier with that. I really was too passive in the past and things moved in a direction I was unhappy with. Plus, hardware reviews were easier because they didn’t require as much creativity. YT is a grind. Anyway we ended up fighting a lot over things… which led to the dramatic breakup, and everyone knows how that went.

I am much more into gaming, tabletop, and creative stuff. I only like hardware because it enables those things. So, for me, I really do not want to do many more hardware reviews unless I’m merely presenting based upon outlines written by others.

I don’t care if crit is big or little. I just want to have fun, make a video game, and be able to eat.

I wanted to keep the big channel focused on the things I wanted to cover, but I am not sure if the audience appreciates the content focus shift after we have been one thing for such a long time.

Let us know what you think.


I think its a good idea to get the “Tek Syndicate” Brand back on Youtube.

I don’t mind another person reviewing stuff like mainboards or presenting benchmarks (pls Ryzen).


I think that might be for the best route as of right now. I know there were quite a few people that slammed the new naming for various reasons. Although people were pretty salty with the split regardless of name changes.

I think this would work ONLY if whoever doing it was truly interested in it. It’s really easy to see when somebody is presenting something they are not interested in.

If the main channel is rebranded as Tek Syndicate, I think having a focus on the Syndicate side of things rather than just the Tek? Using the Oxford definition of Syndicate, “a group of individuals or organizations combined to promote a common interest”, maybe use it more of an aggregate or community oriented type of focus?

Either way, like I said above, if the people involved are not interested than the people watching will notice. It’s a lot more interesting to watch somebody who is having honest fun.

Why not both brands? Use one brand for vidya gaymin, the other for table top. From what I’ve seen there are groups for both, but not everybody is in both groups. People that aren’t interested in one style of gaming would know what the content of a video/blog/whatever is based on the branding and can avoid whatever it is they are not interested. If the two brands are meshed together at the fringes it might be just enough for people to leap for something new to them.

I agree, the second channel(s) would be the perfect place for off the cuff streams and games and stuff. And don’t limit it to just modern games, I love watching/learning about older stuff too.

This is a two-fer, but I would almost say use RTW as the umbrella for TS, Crit, and BGB. I think this way would also be easier for organizations to contact you guys since RTW would be the primary point of contact for everything, rather than sub-brands that kinda-are-but-kinda-aren’t part of something else.

If Logan & Co. went that route and I were to liken it to another YouTube group, RTW would be something like Linus Media Group, and TS/Crit/BGB would be like LTT/Techquickie/Channel Superfun.
I know sometimes people don’t like that group for their own reasons, but it’s an easy way to illustrate my point.

Sorry if some of the mess above might not make sense, between trying to condense and organize all the stuff for my businesses classes (woot, graduating in May!) and applying for jobs (not so woot at the mo’ :frowning:) the brain’s a bit jumbly.


That be dope going back to Tek Syndicate.

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I’ve got to say there’s lots of tech reviews on YT. It’s endemic. RPG focused? I’ve not got any so do as you see fit.

I know a lot of the income is based on viewers but at the end of the day they turn up to see the content you put up so have at it if you ask me.

Would I like to see some more tech stuff? Of course. I signed up based on that. Will I mince off if you don’t? Nope.

Hell if you enjoy some games, do some vids on those. Tutorials etc are usually popular. Maybe just prefix the videos so people know before they click to watch it what it’s about. It’d save managing two channels and some suckers, like myself, may just watch because we’re bored and you are a chosen entertainer. Hell I just watched a video on how they make cases and I used to work with aluminium so it’s not like I was sat there going “wow, this is the best thing I’ve seen in my life” but then again, that’d be a hard benchmark.

Btw, it may look like I just randomly dropped in but I’ve been watching for years and paid special attention to the audiophile stuff (ear opening?). Who needs another standard review of hardware that’s doing the rounds of everyone? Is it critical that you do a video about each one? Do you intend to poo poo everyone else’s? If not, and it’s not fun, then I think the choice is clear.

Anyhow, just airing my two cents. Peace.

Also even though @Logan hates hardware reviews, that one of the main things that drew me to Tek Syndicate years ago. When I went to build my first pc over buying them whole Tek was the only place I found that had unbiased reviews and real world shit. Helped out alot. Yes the internet is bloated with hardware reviewers but none of them are very honest and unbiased.

you be you, is my input. ill keep supporting through patreon. love you guys

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excuse me while I reply mostly with memes

I’m more of the all in one place thing type of subscriber but I’m just one person

cooking? beer? film cameras? small plants named Doug? #CHINA? [quote=“hutchison15, post:1, topic:1097”]
Rebranding Beer Games Beer as Crit.

Crit is a really great name for what it entails, and a sweet domain to own. We want to use it somewhere.

yes please, makes so much more sense.

[quote=“hutchison15, post:1, topic:1097”]
While we are still growing as a forum, we would want to only have one place for everything. If we move forward with the above changes, how do you think we should handle it? Maybe put it under razetheworld.com ?

This bit requires deeper thought, because you are already using teksyndicate domain for that aggregation site, I suppose RTW would fit the bill, would probably upset the oldfags but whatever, they’ve all moved on or are at L1.

I’ve no problem with Crit forum as it stands

now replying to logans post

then do that lol

depends what part of the audience you ask, I dont mind. I’ve felt quite withdrawn from tech recently, I don’t watch L1 videos, just burnt out.

I just want to game.


this is how I’m here

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Pretty much how I feel.

Every company in the technology scene seems to like release a lot of stuff extremely frequently, and frankly that’s more tiring than exciting. I mean Kaby Lake and the 200-series chipsets just came out, yet apparently Coffee Lake and the 300-series chipsets are still on the map to come out this year. That’s less than a 12 month product cycle.

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I still prefer the tech-culture / tech-lifestyle / tech-travel concept that Logan, and the team were trying to go rather than full-on hardware reviews.

I will still be supporting this forum / channel regardless of whatever direction you take.

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I am cool with less reviews. Maybe just review the things that actually interest you guys or are big changes in the tech landscape like amds ryzen will likely be. I couldn’t care less about reviews of another black box case or new laser mouse with 50billion color rgb engine that brings nothing new to the table. I prefer going the route of more diverse content than just tech.

I have no idea what the right way to go is with branding though.

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I am perfectly fine with you guys here. I get that you don’t want to to hardware per se, much more than particularly cool or things that you find interesting that allow you to game better or whatever. I still think you should do some reviews but if it’s not a focus that’s cool too.

Also I like the other videos you’ve putting putting out. Only one I’d say to stay away from is politic-centric videos imo. Otherwise has been interesting so far.

To be Tek or not… Idk. Tbh at this point it doesnt matter so much, as long as people still recognize it’s you lol.

The travel and tabletop gaming are what interest me the most right now, There are tons of PC hardware review channels out there on YT and this will be a nice change of pace on my sub box. Changing the name back to ye old Tek Syndicate sounds awesome, I have loved that name since I stumbled on your channel way back in 2011.

I hope everything goes on smoothly from now on!

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I think theres more in hardware review than the hardware itself. Sure it’s nice that you can get a brand new i5 7500 that is 2-5% better than the last one and everyone loses their minds. But what if you cover more the ‘‘What you can do with hardware’’ side of things? I still have a 4770k and I don’t plan on changing anytime soon, because I can still game with around the same efficiency than the new hardware. Do more DIY second hand pc video builds. Make videos to inspire people to utilise what they already have, instead of covering new products they don’t need.


If Tek Syndicate comes back, then new faces will be good. Creative works are always best when the person is really behind it. If @Logan isn’t feeling hardware, then someone else should do it. The audience for hardware will be there. The audience for more gaming will be there.


Tech-culture is what made us stick around. Emphasis on the culture. The human element.

It seems that everybody and their mother does hardware reviews these days. The market is saturated alright. Which implies a necessity to adapt and diversify.

Even when done in a different way, a motherboard review is still a motherboard review. The product is the same for everyone. It’s not the kind of stuff that made Tek Syndicate/Crit stand out.

The Tek, WASD, tech-related travel (factory tours, etc. Not mainstream events like CES), heck even Rant’30 by itself is. In my opinion, it’s the more creative stuff that stands out from most other tech channels out there.

I mean, who the hell thinks it’s a good idea to do a LAN on top of a fucking mountain? And who has the guts to actually do it? You guessed it.

Reviews for conventional hardware is the boring part for me also. We just need to know the specs and benchmark results. A spreadsheet or written article is just as pertinent and less time-consuming.

What is really fun and captivating enough for video is what can actually be done with said hardware.

It’s the whole point of hardware : doing stuff with it.

I mean, computers are interesting tools, but what makes them interesting is that they can be used in interesting ways for interesting tasks.


I think this would be a very interesting direction that I would be happy with. We can do written stuff which would be awesome but writing can almost take more time depending on how in depth we go.

But! I think what you said can be inspiration for a change in the way we do hardware videos. I think quick and dirty videos covering the basic of what it does the specs etc would be a good way to not work “super” hard on a video but still providing more content. Logan, Hutch, or Justin wouldn’t have to be on camera a bunch they could shoot a 30 second intro of the product and then just do video of the product and voice over the rest. That could significantly reduce time spent on hardware but still presenting stuff that Companies would want us to “review”. Content is content and is usually good a majority of the time. A balance of this can be good and helpful to keep the very tech side of the community that wants that stuff. For the most part when you build computer for maybe 2+ years you don’t need these reviews as much. All you need to do is know the facts about them and you look at the price and say “I like this one”. Performance is so good now that a 1050 for 100$ gets you great performance.

So yeah, hope that made sense. Some quick and dirty hardware reviews would be nice and short and gives you a bunch of content to post every day so YouTube doesn’t mess with our subscription boxes.

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I keep thinking of the video they made in the past to use a wii mote on PC. These kind of things represent what you can do with the said hardware like I mentionned earlier.