Logo simplification - Help us!

So, 1,2,3, or 4?

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EDIT: I’m assuming the slight blur on the underside of the top of the ‘T’ will be sharpened a little.

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Yes… no idea how that happened… probably a mess from working with vectors in photoshop. I don’t have illustrator installed.

Also, I will jump in and vote myself… I like 1 because it looks slightly more aggressive.

I’m in a toss up with 1 and 2, I think you need the orange because that’s apart of the sword and I like split in the word and it might help seperate you as a brand but you might not need it.

Tried out crossing 1 and 4 for shits and giggles.


One or two. 4 makes the i look like an !. I would disqualify #4 on that alone.

I was stuck between 1 and 3, since I like the orange but felt it should be part of the main text, so I made this

Either way, my vote is with 1.

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I like 3. Plain and simple.

I prefer 4

Mix between 2 and 4 would be cool. Like, make the bottom line orange.

I think 3 would be nice, but with a thinner line like 4

Edit: Changed my mind, I think 1 looks good

You mean the paddle?

I actually like this one the best.

@Logan I like the last one in the series, if the white part that’s cut off from the rest (on the bottom )would be that orange color.

If only there was a community member that did this kinda shit for a living. I bet they could do an awesome job refreshing this logo.

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When did you get here, you wild beast?! Good to see you.


What about making the orange line go diagonally?