Logitech Z333 opinions?

I was getting tempted in ordering this online, but was curious if anyone in the forum owns this and can give me their opinion.

Thanks in advance!

I don’t own them, but if they are anything like anything else Logitech produces I can guarantee they won’t sound anywhere near as good as a set of basic bookshelf speakers and a small amp. Loud? Yes. Good? No.

As far as I can tell the most adequate “PC speakers” are either the HiVi M10 set or the Klipsch Promedia. Massdrop offers the former every couple of months, and unfortunately the latter seem to have been discontinued really recently.

Are you on a strict budget?

If so I’d say get them and if you don’t like them then return them.

If not I’d look into spending a tad bit more for some Low-end Bose or something along those lines. I like Logitech as a whole, but when it comes to audio there are other brands I trust more.

OP why are you only going with 2.1 speakers?

I prefer 2.1