Listening to the new Zweihander album

It’s a good release, but I’m disappointed in the selection of tracks. The songs teased in the beginning of this video, this video and the end of this video have been around for a long time and they’re no where to be seen in Daemon Slayer. Every instance I’ve seen of people asking about the music, they’re told it would be in the next album. I was personally stoked to finally have these tracks in their entirety, I often listen to them in the youtube videos just for the music.

Does anyone else feel the same way?

If you end up seeing this Logan, will the tracks ever come out?

This album is all metal. You’ll get the synth stuff on the next album (the wait shouldn’t be as long for this one). They take me quite a bit longer to create; metal is my main genre.

I’m liking it, really makes you feel nostalgic, my favorite track was Daemon Construct. Those fucking drums kicked ass.

This is now a new album discussion thread

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Damn, that song was all over as far as structure goes, so I didn’t expect people to like it much… but I did, so I didn’t care that much. Anyway, good to hear that you like it.

A couple of those songs have not been released… but this was on the last album:

Skip about half through for the part in that video.

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Pirates of Stargazer Island has to be my favorite.

Always been content with a good pirate tune. However I’m looking forward to your synth album already. (Big synth fan here)

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Logan have you tried to sell your music ever to video game studios? Some of that music you put in your one video sounded like some stuff I’d want to hear in certain games.

I’d love to… just not sure where to start. I guess the real thing is that I am not a social media person, marketing person, etc. Seft promotion is really important for that. I am one of those who would rather sit in a room and create, write, compose, read. I need someone to be an agent or something.

Listening right now on Bandcamp. The album is really nice. But before I buy where do you get the most out of a purchase Bandcamp or Epic Pants?

P.S. That chaotic mess of a Daemon construct is the best following with Drowning the Dreadnought.

feels good in the car

feels good at the gym



This album is fucking incredible. Really great work, definitely like the metal sound more than the synth stuff.

Well I get the most on epic pants, however a review on Bandcamp helps more in the long run, plus it’s a good way for you to organize your music. I’m glad everyone likes it. I need some way to spread the word with the metal crowd. I think it’s too heavy for the regular audience. It reached number 7 on the charts but the last one was #1 for several days.

Do you think pre-orders could of hurt the top charts? I preordered as soon as you announced on Twitter. I’m unsure how bandcamp’s algorithm works.

Thanks man… I’m not sure how it works. I think it all counts right when you launch. The album could climb if it gets another marketing outlet… But right now our channel isn’t big enough to get it out there much.