Linux X99 Motherboard

Since we moved here I want to talk about My Linux build that is upcoming I really don’t like the windows OS after finally using Linix Ubuntu 16.04.

I fear that if I get a x99 motherboard it will not work right and I will be stuck with windows. I will be pairing it with a i7 6800K and GTX 1080.

This will be a Certified FAA Flight Sim only Computer and X-Plane runs on Linux better then anything else.

Please help my fears

X99-A first revision (without USB 3.0 blah) and 5820k.
Works like a charm. No idea about the newer stuff, but what i have here gave me no issues on Ubuntu and Linux Mint.
I have more issues with Win10 right now than a year ago with the early insider builds, but thats a different topic. Linux saved my ass a couple of times where Win10 was just falling apart and i had stuff to do…

LOL, Like I said what do you think I was looking at running probably the EVGA Micro2 and 6800K hoping I don’t have problems

Thanks, I was also looking at some other evga boards like the EVGA X99 FTW K Series. I don’t know if the audio will work or the killer nic

I have no clue why I worry everyone says ill be fine lol

MSI x99 tomahawk.

Honestly asus has been having issues with their mobos in general.

I had an asus x99-a board that would not post if more than 3 or 4 hard drives were plugged in. It was freaking stupid.

I am not the only one with issues either.

I switched to MSI and could not be happier.

Just came off of an MSI board because the VRM’s popped. Stanrdard clocks to no OC was only like 18 month’s old. Wen’t to an X99 Asus ROG Strix from amazon and it’s been amazing so far. I’ve also done a ton of build with there Sabertooth line all my clients have never had a problem with there motherboards. So I think it really depends on were you get them from when I can I always try to get it through amazon for there stellar customer service and return policies. Objective bias is not very constructive.

ASUS is hit or miss. Mine has some problems too, from time to time boot fails or profile crapping out, after the recent Win10 installation i cant use the default BIOS settings, it goes into a bootloop. Generally is X99 not so stable, some people love their EVGA boards (really stable boards). After a few issues with Gigabyte (Z87) and MSI, i jumped on the ASUS train and so far a good ride with a few problems, nothing that cant be fixed.
It has nothing to do with the OS installed, it is the board and UEFI that makes trouble and drivers are meh. There are so many BIOS updates, never saw so many on a regular Z chipset…

I must be stupid for worrying about it not working and having to stay with windows. People tell me that 99% of the stuff work but Wifi and Certain Ethernet ports and sound chips might not work. But if i went Intel Nic and Realtek sound i would be fine. i don’t want to go back to windows or use windows 10