Linux Distros - Does Country of Origin Matter?

So with countries like Germany trying to regulate social media under the guise of protecting people from “hate speech” (, does anyone worry about the country of origin for the Linux distribution? Could there 4be some sort of back door that the government forces them to put in so they can constantly monitor everything you do? I know Germany isn’t the only country that tries to do these kinds of things cough America cough, but I’m using them as an example because this is pretty recent.

If you think it does matter, which country do you think you would be safest from? Which is the least tyrannical about the internet?

I can understand blocking out some stuff, like terrorist organization recruitment videos. But when they use the words “hate speech”, I can’t help but think that if they actually get what they want, they’re just going to start blocking out anything that goes against their agenda, because they can call anything they disagree with “hate speech” cough Antifa cough.

Unless its from china, i dont care. Lol.

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In some countries, the legal definition of hate speech is quite clear.

Also, scientifically speaking, what constitutes hate speech can actually be objectively determined and demonstrated.

People need to stop assuming that semantics are somehow a strange alternate dimension of absolute uncertainty.
That’s acting as if nobody had any clue of how speech and thought-expression works. But I guess everyone doing research in linguistics or philosophy are just there to waste time, of course.