Link preview banners not loading and notification issue

While youtube videos and linked pictures load, after a ridiculous long wait time of 7 hours or more, it seems like link preview banners are not loading even after 24 hours of posting.

Do they ever show up or is that disabled here?

Notification’s seem to be on a long wait timer as I get them hours after someone has posted or liked a post, they will also show up even if I have already seen it and sometimes repeatedly for the same post.

This has been occurring on & off for a while.

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lol that one showed up real quick… that makes even less sense

‘On & off’ is just an ‘Australian-ism’ lol (meaning infrequent)

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oh ya lol common saying around here too

just… makes… less sense that it would be like that. Out of the… oh 20 posts I’ve made that gif was the fastest to load lol

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I know that Vimeo previews have never loaded-up on this forum, but most of the time I tend to post Youtube links anyway.

only been posting youtube

they show up around 5 hours or so, wiki, steam and GOG links never change into the banner previews however… kinda annoying