Lian Li Factory Tour: How to Make a PC Case | Tek Syndicate in Taiwan

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Lian Li makes some of the best cases out there. They specialize in working with aluminum and have made a name for themselves as one of the highest end case manufactures in the world. We messaged them while in Taiwan for Computex and they were happy to have us. This video was shot a long time ago, so it is a long time coming. The information is still as relevant today as this video covers the processes they use and is not centered around one product.

We love creating content like this, and our new team and methods will allow us to do it more efficiently. If you want more content like this, let us know in the forum. Also, if there is a company you would love us to cover, let us know.

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Best video yet by a long ways

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Holy shit… never thought this one would see daylight!

Could Eric S Raymond be next???

Seriously though, good job guys :slight_smile:

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Lian Li makes some quirky cases, and I love half of them. Built for a mission, they’re not always the best all around cases, but if you’re looking for something specific Lian Li probably makes something for it. Looking at you PC-O6S.

Splendiferous video Logan :smile_cat: I really enjoyed this travel-vlog / tech-factory video.

Taiwan seems like a great place to visit (I gather their internet speeds are in the ‘super-sonic’ range rather than our pitiful internet we possess in Australia)

As of Q3 2015 they’re actually slower on average than the USA, but they are higher than you poor souls in Kangarooland. South Korea, of course, is leading the pack.

Taiwan: 10.1 Mbps
USA: 12.6 Mbps
Australia: 7.8 Mbps
South Korea: 20.5 Mbps

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I think it would be faster to send data on on the back of a kangaroo here than rely on our national internet system.

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Badass video guys. I’d love to see more content like this.

This was amazing, Reminds me of when I worked at the Hon factory making filing cabinets.

That info is a couple years old…

Taiwan is mostly filled with mountain villages… However, Taipei has crazy internet. It’s usually 100-1000 mb/s everywhere in the city… and they don’t meter it. It’s a great place for internet.

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Very nice video, I guess this footage was from a while back?

But cities are gross though. I gotta have my trees…

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I enjoyed the video but cringed at seeing so much automation. In a world where people need jobs this is something I do not want to see at all.

Humanity needs to make the best out of our scientific progress, thats what brought us here. It won’t be easy, but with good worldwide rules and regulations we can use automation for many important tasks (producing food for the poor people of the world, e.g. the majority of humanity).

I really enjoyed this video. It’s so different to the rest of what I watch on YouTube, and I hope we get more of it. Great job!

I’m so glad this had finally been uploaded. Good video.

This was great, would love to see more of these… wish there was CERN tour video… but no use fussing over spilt milk