LF people to play MPer non backwards compatible Xbox 360 games (also PS3 games)

Right now I have Quake 4 loaded up on my Xbox 360 but nobody to play with. It is this way with many Xbox 360 games and so if there are people that want to play some MPer (preferrably online only cooperative play or regular but will play some online games on Xbox 360 even if they can be played with System Link) on Quake 4 right now or have some other game in mind that doesn’t have much traffic or none please add me on Xbox Live … SeanD1972FTW

Oh and I also can play some PS3 games too at times.

The goal here …

I am just trying to get time in on games before they are taken offline.

Update: Well nobody showed up for Quake 4 and I posted on social media sites and other places and so I guess it just wasn’t meant to be for that night. Instead I ended up playing NHL 2K7 and while it connects online for certain things I don’t think it can be played online but I had some fun with it. I started a season but somehow ended up simulating 2 games by mistake around the 16 game mark or so and I was not happy about that and so I just simulated the rest til I got to important games at the end of the season and then in the playoffs. When I turn the console on and play again I will be trying to win the Stanley Cup but I am down 3 games to none. Those were all simulated games and while that has put me in a bad position in the series I know I will win as I am playing it on the easiest mode.

Oh damn, somewhere I think i’ve got a copy, but i’m selling my xbox :confused: