Launching Crit TV Forums

Hey all - investigating why email confirmations are taking time to get out to people. Sorry for the wait, we’re looking into it.


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I just requested another by trying to login and it worked.
Timestamps are also borked. Everything happened 7h ago.

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didnt get one for several days

last night it took about 2 minutes

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…Should be fixed? Avatars should be working. Also, CSS is properly updated. Still need to figure out the time issue.

They are now.

Apparently post needs 20 characters

Yeah I saw in the TS Lounge - the default is 20, I changed it to 1. I left it 20 for “First posts” though to help with spam.

Email fixed (or will be soon). They were going to spam on Gmail and Hotmail.

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So is Crit TV the permanent name? Also is there some meaning behind it?

it still took 4 hours to get the activation email (gmail account). Possibily even more cause i clicked to resend it from time to time

We moved from Spark to Amazon for emails and it seems to be working now.

Well… lots of reasons. I grew up on tabletop gaming… so crit hits. This also applies to video games. Also, we can use it to mean critical news, critical ideas, critical hardware, etc. Next, it’s 4 letters and that is really good for branding. Lastly, I expect the elitists to think it is “beneath them” to have a catchy name like “Crit TV”… and while I value their knowledge, I’m sick of elitism. So, I’m hoping it attracts those who are inclusive and helpful instead of those who are elite and condescending. This is about learning and having fun.


Cool sounds good. Got no issues with the name.

signing up and email activation worked just fine for me.


Lets do this!

Took a while, but works for me too now.

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the wonders of the internet and the world with good and bad people… i am hoping for a friendly community :slight_smile: and cheers with the new site/rebrand


my email came in a matter of seconds. Great stuff guys, going strong

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Do you have an approximate total on the number of people in this forum so far @Logan @hutchison15 @NatausTV ?

50 or so I think. We haven’t even officially launched our announcement video.

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No Worries Logan, thanks for the numbers :slight_smile: