Laptop for Kali Linux?

Linux doesn’t use anywhere near as many resources as Windows can use, so I think as long as you aren’t using a netbook you’ll be fine.

A used Thinkpad or something would probably be great.

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I am interested in learning about Kali Linux. I have a few guides and lessons bookmarked already. This is purely hobby for me at the moment. So i am not looking for a rig that can run multiple vm’s on. I am looking more at a capable laptop.

My budget would be around $200 or less as i don’t want to invest much in hardware to start with. This would be purely for running Kali, not gaming or media use. I have looked at used Lenovo Thinkpads on ebay ranging with i-5 to i-7 as a possible choice. I have seen other methods of flashing bios to install linux on other hardware. But i don’t want to go through the trouble for that.

Is there any recommendations you could give that would be ‘better’ than the Lenovo route? Budget is strict on $200 or less unfortunately. Thanks.

I don’t know about all Lenovo options, but I got my T420 for $250 a couple years ago. You could get them cheaper now.

This thing is a beast from back when they used to make durable laptops and big chunky rubber domes (as far as laptops go), and new enough to have decent internals. Maybe throw an SSD in it if you can splurge, or if you have one just laying around. I have a 500GB 850 Evo and 16GB of RAM in mine and I still use it all the time. It’s my go-to laptop unless I’m going to be gaming. And it has the blue button, which the newer Thinkpads lack if I remember right. Only downside is the screen viewing angle, but that’s gonna be an issue on any cheap laptop.

Thanks for the info, i appreciate it.