Laptop as a dedicated live stream encoding machine

I own a community with 73k people and I was thinking of getting back to streaming. I’ve been streaming mostly PUBG and PC always had issues with lag and choppiness, no matter what encoder I used, platform nor bitrate. I tried with all encoders and different bitrates, but nothing helped. Reinstalling OBS and clearing all setting files also had no effect. (Yes, I’ve googled).

So doing some puzzles in my head, I’ve came to a conclusion that I might somehow combine getting a new laptop and using it as an video encoding device. My laptop is long overdue for a replacement (A8-4500M APU).

Would a laptop with an i7-8750H do a decent job when it comes to X264 encoding? How I would go about doing this whole plan?

That should be ok for streaming so long as you keep it at about 3500 mb/s, which you probably should anyway. If you are using OBS you can enable quicksync with that CPU and see if that is better than x264.

What’s limiting that bitrate? The fact it’s a mobile CPU? As I have pretty decent 100/100 connection in the student dorm.
Also X264 @ 3500kbps vs QuickSync @ 6000 kbps?

Well if you are stemming on twitch you won’t want to really go higher than that. You might be able to use it at 5-6000, but I’m just guessing since I don’t have that CPU to test.