LAN Parties in the Portland Oregon Area

Anybody know of any LAN Parties in the Portland area? Please let me and others know when and where the LAN Partys are.

    One coming up next weekend - I’ll be there!
  • Intel LANfest
    @TxTurbo has been to these…? - I’ve heard good things about 'em!
  • OSU Gaming Club
    South of Salem… But they’re a good group of kids. Go Beavs. :wink:
  • WVG
    They hold monthly small LANs down in Eugene.

I used to live in the “Fountain City of Roses” back in the early Eighties. Well actually in Gresham, a suburb. I was wondering if the interstate sign with two cities listed on it going north is still there? Boring and Oregon City. I always had a good chuckle when I saw it, “Boring Oregon City”

I know that this is not in context with question, but if it is still there could someone snap a pic of it while heading back north, and post it in here. It would give the whole community a good chuckle as well. My ex would always say, “the Highway Dept. sure has Portland pegged.” I did like it up there, I guess I am looking for a little nostalgia as I am living in Sandusky, OH now. Just another boring tourist town, with Cedar Point, Roller Coaster capital of the world here. LOL That was just a bit of sarcasm

I hope you find your LAN Party, and if you do not, try forming one yourself. Definitely would save you gas money. I’m sorry that I can not tell you where to go, I was there before the tech was.

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May have to look into going to some of these.

PDX looks like its kinda cool for videos.